Buy My Tool Chest – and all the Tools in it


Here’s your chance to buy a completely finished and fitted Anarchist’s Tool Chest that is chock full of premium hand tools (more than $8,300 worth) – and help a great woodworking school in the process.

Here’s the story: Last summer I taught my first class in England for the New English Workshop, which was held at the shops at Warwickshire College. As a way to give back to the next generation of woodworkers, Paul Mayon and Derek Jones of New English Workshop completed and finished the tool chest I built (very nicely, I might add). Then a bunch of generous toolmakers donated a load of premium hand tools to put in the chest.

On March 28, 2015, the chest and its contents will be auctioned off by David Stanley Auctions and all proceeds will be donated to Warwickshire College, which offers an excellent furniture program. You do not need to be in England to bid on the chest – David Stanley accepts internet bids and can ship the chest if need be. Check the David Stanley auction site for details.

The chest is finished exactly like the one in the book “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest,” including the sliding trays and black-over-red paint job. The chest is signed by me and all the students who participated in the class.


The list of tools is nothing short of amazing. Here’s a list of the tools, who donated then and the value in English dollars. Check it:

Ashley Isles MKII bevel edge cabinetmakers chisels x 6, donated by Workshop Heaven, £133

Aurio Rasps x 3, donated by Classic Hand Tools, £252

Bad Axe Sash Saw 14” 12ppi Hybrid, donated by Bad Axe Tool Works, £186

Blum Tool Company #5 ½ Mesquite Jack Plane, donated by Blum Tool Company, £210

David Barron 9-1/2” lignum vitae smoothing plane, donated by David Barron, £175

Classic Bow saw 400mm Turbo Cut, donated by anonymous, £56

Chris Pye carving chisels set of 11, donated by Classic Hand Tools, £290

Clifton #4-1/2 Heavy Smoothing Plane, Donated by Clico, £310

Czeck Edge Kerf Kadet II Marking Knife, donated by Czeck Edge, £35

Karl Holtey #10 Mitre Plane, donated by Karl Holtey, £2,000

Jeff Hamilton 5” Lignum Vitae marking gauge, donated by Jeff Hamilton, £65

Veritas 10” Sliding Bevel, donated by Lee Valley Tools, £39

Lee Valley 12” Dividers, donated by Lee Valley, £18

Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane, donated by Lee Valley, £200

Lee Valley set 5 parallel tip screwdrivers, donated by Lee Valley, £30

Veritas Small Plough Plane, donated by Lee Valley, £200

Veritas Router Plane, donated by Lee Valley, £170

Veritas Low Angle jack Plane, donated by Lee Valley, £295

Pax 1776 10” Dovetail Saw 20tpi with pear handle, donated by Peter Sefton, £120

Philly Planes Coffin Smoother, English Box, Donated by Philly Planes, £215

Sterling Tool Works Saddle Tail, donated by Sterling Tool Works LLC, £70

Rob Stoakley Japanese panel gauge, donated by Rob Stoakley, £150

Texas Heritage Waxed Canvas Chisel Roll, donated by Texas Heritage Woodworks, £69

Workshop Heaven Ultimate Hand Brace, donated by Workshop Heaven, £64

Workshop Heaven Maple & Apple mallet, donated by Workshop Heaven, £45

So sell a hock a couple kidneys and perhaps a spleen. It’s all to support the next generation of aspiring young woodworkers.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Buy My Tool Chest – and all the Tools in it

  1. beshriver says:

    I’m gonna bid…I’m not gonna win, but I’ll bid. On a related note, I just started a cheaters tool chest today in the kitchen… My wife is thrilled.

  2. I would like to thank all of the sponsors, Chris and New English Workshop in advance of the forth coming auction of this Anarchist Tool Chest and amazing list of tools. Any funds raised are going to be used wisely to help our budding woodworkers and continue the great traditions of our workshop. This has been an amazing opportunity and experience, demonstrating the wonderful commardarie and support of the woodworking fraternity.
    Many thanks
    Jamie Ward
    Curriculum Leader Furniture Crafts
    Warwickshire College

  3. Todd Rudolph says:

    I don’t have a kidney to sell but for that I might sell One of my wheelchair for the tools.

  4. rondennis303 says:

    How close would this be to a IRS qualified 501(c)3 charitable donation?

    • kendewitt608 says:

      Do not worry about the deduction, it would be minus the cost of goods received. That would take a very large chunk of the price paid out of any write off.
      I still wish I could afford to bid for it !

  5. abtuser says:

    What an excellent assembly. (I built a small outdoor table out of cypress last year using a Blum Mesquite Fore plane and some finishing with a LN 4 1/2 . You should be put in jail if you sand cypress for the final finish. The person receiving it thought it was too nice for outside and it’s now inside.) Bourbon glass toast raised Chris.

  6. John Sanford says:

    I would love to bid on it, but if I by some freakish chance were to win it, I’d be ashamed. There’s no way I could bid anywhere near what that is actually worth. Here’s hoping that some folks with deeper pockets than I will get into a bidding war on it.

  7. John Koten says:

    Knowing the time and effort he puts into each one of his planes, I am truly impressed with Karl Holtey’s contribution to this cause. Not to take anything away from any of the other contributors, but it’s a remarkable gift.

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