International Shipping Update


After an unholy amount of work by John, we are now offering international shipping to Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for all of our products.

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. International shipping is expensive. It will always always be more economical for you to purchase books through our fine international sellers. We are using FedEx as our carrier. The rate you pay is what it costs. It is crazy expensive and there is nothing we can do about it (and still stay in business).
  2. There will be a learning curve for us. International shipping is complex for a small business. We have tried to automate things as much as possible, but there will be bumps in the road for us and customers. Please be patient with us.
  3. The best bet for international customers is to order T-shirts only. The shipping fees are fairly reasonable for shirts. Sending books overseas is nutty expensive.

So if you are international, check out the store. Most importantly, check out the T-shirts.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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22 Responses to International Shipping Update

  1. John Switzer says:

    You are a brave soul. International shipping is frequently very frustrating. You will probably hear about my current kerfuffle when you get to Australia

  2. I love your blog, and I love your books. So far, I have purchased every one of the books published by Lost Art Press (except the deluxe Roubo book, I have the “standard” version). I like your apparel, as well, but your latest T-shirt offering has me baffled!

    I am a guy. Guys understand primary colors like black, grey, green, red, blue, yellow, etc. In my experience, only females understand what all those gazillion other colors are, like taupe, ecru, etc. I have absolutely no idea what color “lieutenant” is.

    Admittedly, I am an old guy, and maybe contemporary middle aged and younger guys know all about all these subtle and nuanced colors.

    This is not a complaint, just an observation by a confused old man.

    Keep on Bloggin’

    • We are with you. “Lieutenant” is olive green. We don’t make up these colors — the manufacturers of the shirts do. We have to keep it consistent for the ordering system.

      If I had my way it would be: Man Blue. Man Green. Other Color.

      • tsstahl says:

        It’s quite easy, actually. Blue is formal, Green is casual, and anything else risks the occasional glimpse of naughty bits. 🙂

      • Brian Clites says:

        lately my favorite hat company has been renaming all their army greens “olive drab.” most days when i think about my dream job, i’d like to do what you do! but maybe we should all want the job of coming up with the names of paint colors, fabrics, and — my favorite — new car models. (Nothing says sexy like “prius”, right?!??)

  3. zowtiak says:

    Are all shirts short sleeve?

  4. kendewitt608 says:

    Glad to read that I was not the only one who had no idea at all what color Lieutenant was, made a guess at the green. At my age I prefer gray hair, puke green and dead black.

  5. snwoodwork says:

    That’s funny, I knew exactly that lieutenant was green. What does that say about me?

  6. Ah, thank Woden! Just last week I had to get rid of my only lieutenant shirt. I had no idea where I was going to find such a replacement until now!

    Aw, who am I kidding? I’d wear it more in grey.

  7. Don’t complain about international shipping cost to me! I just agreed to pay £6000 to ship six pieces of furniture , four chairs and two cabinets to a design exhibition in Shanghai. Market cost should be about £1500 but we are contracted to use the selected shipper Grrrrr….


  8. Brian Clites says:

    Thanks so much for bringing these to fruition John and Chris. I didn’t love the double entendre or the artwork on the campaign t-shirt, and I never wear hoodies. But i just ordered several of these, in hopes I can sneak one under my jacket for lecture every now and then. They look great, and i love the three color choices. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell out as quickly as the first set of sweatshirts did…

  9. Assuming they’re still in stock, will these be at the Lie Nielsen event at Popwood in April?

  10. shavemaker says:

    Just tried to order a couple of these T-shirts and a hat, but ‘Australia’ was still not available in the drop-down menu of countries when I tried to check out – am I doing something stupid?

  11. Daniel Clay says:

    Oh, funny. From your earlier Instagram post I thought the printing was actually backwards, like a letter press die. Is it weird to be disappointed that they’re not?

  12. If I may, we find Priority Mail to be far more practical for international shipping.

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