Psst, Need a Tool Roll?


Head over to my blog at Popular Woodworking to read a review of the tool rolls from Jason Thigpen of Texas Heritage Woodworks

— Christopher Schwarz

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3 Responses to Psst, Need a Tool Roll?

  1. Marilyn says:

    These are awesome! I have two of them. You can see them in my instagram feed @sheworkswood.

  2. johnmsislerwhitebear says:

    Chris-knowing that you cannot accept emails-I.m going to bother you with one-No questions and I don’t need an answer-this is just FYI- 1923 film made by Swedish folkways project-lots of interesting woodwork, about fourteen minutes long- I’ve always wondered why some old planes had handlebars-now I know. If you find this worthy, you are in a position to let more woodworkers know than I am-and that’s why I’m bothering you with it.Been following your stuff for many years-you do great work-thanks for Lost Art Press! I’ve always thought (because of the amount of stuff you do) that you were actually twins posing as one guy. First and last email-John

  3. woodworkerme says:

    I make my own basically cause I can..and I like pink. but these look nice and heavy duty. will diffidently tell my students.

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