Everything has been Restocked


As of now, we are back at full stock on all our books and sweatshirts. Here are the details:

The third printing of “By Hand & Eye” arrived at our warehouse this morning. The demand for this book has remained surprisingly strong. Just when we think sales are plateauing, they increase. The authors, Jim Tolpin and George Walker, have two cool surprises in store for you this year. You can find one hint here.

Also this week, we received shipment of the third revised edition of Christian Becksvoort’s “With the Grain.” This third edition adds details on 10 trees not found in earlier editions. If you have an earlier edition of the book, here are the 20 pages that you can print out and insert into your current copy.

Finally, our new sweatshirts are back in stock in all sizes from small to 2XL. We have switched to Royal Apparel to supply our sweatshirts, which are American-made and of good quality. This sweatshirt is similar in almost all of the characteristics of our earlier sweatshirts, but John reports the fabric feels a bit heavier. This will likely be our last offering of sweatshirts for the season. So if you want one, get them before it gets warm outside and we switch to Lost Art Press Speedos.

— Christopher Schwarz

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16 Responses to Everything has been Restocked

  1. rwyoung says:

    LAP banana hammock.

  2. Brian Biggs says:

    Will the logo and writing be smaller on the speedo?

    (after all, it’s all relative…)

  3. stone58 says:

    Speedos? Not if they have that Lost Art Press logo on the front!!

  4. Niels Cosman says:

    Waxed canvas man-kinis?

  5. carpenterman says:

    Will the speedos come in XXL?

  6. jbakerrower says:

    That must be the biggest block plane EVER! (On Tolpin’s bench) Or… maybe his bench could fit in a speedo?

  7. LAP speedos!

    It can say LAP on the front or it can say Lost Art Press, depending on the mood of the wearer.

  8. Neatherywise says:

    As a woman reading this blog and the responses, I’m mightily offended. You men are ruining woodworking. Where is the offer of a bikini? Thong? Lost Art Press sports bra? I demand equal treatment and offering of logo-plastered underthings!

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