More Chairs of Necessity


Peter Follansbee, one of the authors of “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree,” dug up some photos of historical examples of chairs that Randle Holme drew in the 17th century.

The photos of chairs are here. Peter also wrote up a list of many of the terms for chairs and stools he has encountered in his research. Crazy stuff. Check it out here.

Also, since Peter left Plimoth last year he now has even more items that he sells on his blog – spoons, beautiful bowls and even some carved panels. If you like Peter’s stuff, this is a direct way to support his pioneering work. His current batch of items for sale is here.

— Christopher Schwarz

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3 Responses to More Chairs of Necessity

  1. KampWood says:

    Well if you need half of a tree come over my way. I get trees for free, they’re cottonwood, but they’re free.


  2. Daniel Roy says:

    I never thought chairs we all that interesting until now. Great string of posts on chairs and stools.
    Also, I think it was mentioned on this site that Jennie Alexander is re-writing ‘Make a Chair From a Tree’. Great stuff, as Peter would say.


  3. Rachael Boyd says:

    sorry this is a little off topic but I had a chance the go over some old hand tools I bought a box of tools and I plan to go back and get more. anyway it turns out this guy was a designer and so was his father. there are some very nice pieces still there. there is a chair that looks like a rookie chair, leather seat and arms but the frame is mortise and tendon not take – a-part . very nice. and many more very old parts mostly chair parts. I wish I would of ask what his name was.


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