In the Works: Carve the Acanthus with Mary May


One of the exciting projects John and I are working on is a book on carving with Mary May, one of our favorite teachers and carvers.

Mary has written up a nice description of how the book came about on her blog here. She is already hard at work on the book and we are trying to keep up with her.

This book will specialize in carving the acanthus leaf. That might seem like a narrow subject, but we think you’ll be surprised how far the humble plant’s tendrils reach throughout the carving craft.

If you want to get started now, Mary runs an excellent and well-priced online school. Details on her school are here. And be sure to subscribe to her blog if you’d like updates on her book.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 Responses to In the Works: Carve the Acanthus with Mary May

  1. wesleytanner says:

    Wow. That is fantastic news. She is one of the most talented teachers in the wood working field.


  2. Joe Eberle says:

    How timely. I just ordered a book from TTW on carving. Looks like this is a good place to start.


  3. texasbelliott says:

    Great news! Looking forward to this one.


  4. meanmna says:

    I just found out I live in the same city as Mary (just across the bridge in Mount Pleasant actually). If she is monitoring this blog, or if anyone knows, does she offer any local classes on carving? I see ones in MD but I am hoping that since I have to travel to any other class I desire to take that she may have a local one.


    • tsstahl says:

      Hit her site and ask. Mary is very responsive in my experience.

      Artisan of the highest calibre, indeed. 🙂


      • meanmna says:

        Yea… I saw the phone number on her site and the reference to scheduling a class. I assumed that was more custom however and I was looking for a “group” class. I imagine a dedicated class would be great, but I really like the group dynamic.

        I was going to wait and call after the holidays and then give her a rind. I just didn’t know if anyone was aware of scheduled classes she has done in Charleston before.


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