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BHAE_detail2_500_IMG_7428We have sold out of “By Hand & Eye” but are working on getting that title back to the printer immediately. If you need the book, check out some of our retailers; many still have the book in stock. We should have the title back in stock – the fourth printing! – by early February.

In other “By Hand & Eye” news, authors Jim Tolpin and George Walker are working on a fascinating “workbook” supplement to “By Hand & Eye.” Written and illustrated like your grammar-school workbooks, it will take you through the exercises to open up your designer’s eye. The authors have been sharing the early drafts with me, and it’s going to be fun. Look for that in 2015.

We are down to our last box of Christian Becksvoort’s “With the Grain.” A third, revised edition is at the printer and should be in stock in early February. For the third printing, Becksvoort added 10 species of trees to the chapter on identifying the different North American commercial species, including the most important Western trees.

If you have the current edition, you can download the pages of the 10 species for free here:


The revised edition will be slightly more expensive because we had to add a signature to the book block.

And in sweatshirt news: We are sold out of 2XL and Large sizes. We are almost out of all the other sizes. We will restock in January with a new brand of USA-made sweatshirt – same color and same logo. These will be about $4 more – a significant increase.

John and I are juggling about a dozen new books right now. Here is what is on the front burner this minute. I don’t have any details on prices on these products, I’m afraid:

“Chairmaker’s Notebook” by Peter Galbert is being designed by Linda Watts. She has the first 10 chapters designed and the book will go to press in January for a February 2015 release.

“Virtuoso: The Tool Cabinet and Workbench of H.O. Studley” by Don Williams is written, edited and headed to design in early January. It will be released in March or April – right before Handworks.

“Roubo on Furniture” is translated, edited and awaiting design. Look for it this summer.

Lots more in the works, of course.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to Stuff in the Store (and in Store)

  1. Buck Freeman says:

    Hey Chris – thanks for the suggestion on the spatulas. Quick stocking stuffer – 45 mins at the belt sander. The wife loved them – I couldn’t wait. Pear wood and a cherry scrap.


    Merry Christmas!!!!

    Buck Freeman, CPA Lattimore, Black, Morgan, & Cain 615.390.1800

  2. toolnut says:

    I just started to reread By Hand and Eye and found myself wishing he covered the other classic orders with exercises ( he coverd the Doric) along with a print form of all those how-to drawing extras that Jim posted on the web. So, here’s hoping/suggesting they are included in the followup.

  3. Bob Jones says:

    I bet your designer is feeling like a tidal wave is coming. Good luck to her.

  4. maross1248 says:

    I’ll buy the workbook for “By Hand & Eye” as soon as it comes out.

  5. Jeff Faulk says:

    No Furniture of Necessity yet? 🙁 Alas!

  6. asdettmer says:

    Any chance you’ll bring back the ‘die trying’ shirt? I kick myself for passing on that one

    • One of the things we are working on for 2015 is working with a print-on-demand T-shirt company that can produce high-quality USA T-shirts. The goal is to have all of our designs available – and to be able to ship them anywhere. We just need to find a few weeks of spare time to set it up.

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