The Aumbry Makes the Cover


The aumbry from the upcoming “Furniture of Necessity” book is featured on the cover of the February 2015 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, which will mail to subscribers later this month.

My article discusses the history of the aumbry and how to build it. The book version will be much expanded and more detailed, as I’ll have about 10 times the space. Still – I think it’s a good magazine article; even beginners will be able to tackle the project with the magazine article.

I have to thank Editor Megan Fitzpatrick personally for taking a gamble on this project. Few people have ever heard of an aumbry, and fewer people would tell you they love Gothic furniture. I think the stuff is the cat’s meow. It’s fun to build and uses simple geometry and basic tools to design and construct.

I was allowed to read over the entire February issue before it went to press and was quite impressed (perhaps a bit professionally jealous). There’s a fantastic myth-busting article on teak oil, an excellent piece on making your own copper hardware with simple tools and Peter Follansbee shows you how to build his cool Chinese firewood carrier.

If you don’t subscribe, or if you have let your subscription lapse, this is the time to rectify that. Megan is steering the magazine to explore areas outside the traditional Shaker, Arts & Crafts and Period styles (though those will always be part of the magazine’s fabric). Look for some Japanese, Mid-century Modern and Ruhlmann stuff in forthcoming issues.

OK, back to the shop. I’ve got another project to build for Popular Woodworking.

— Christopher Schwarz

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18 Responses to The Aumbry Makes the Cover

  1. ctregan says:

    Great! Its good to take some chances with different projects. Not every one wants to build a shaker night stand!
    The cover photo should be an eye catcher at the check out lane ….I will look for it. Thanks!

  2. Al Navas says:

    The aumbry is a beautiful piece, Chris! I might build one, to challenge my hand tool expertise now that all my big power tools are gone. Thank you for digging this one out of the dust.

    I agree with you – Megan has done a superb job, and will continue to do so, even when faced with adversity. KUDOS to Megan!

  3. Reblogged this on The Obsession Engine and commented:
    I love this stuff. Work is hopefully winding down to a dull roar, so that means its project time again!

  4. snwoodwork says:

    I still think this piece is great. Building one is mighty tempting even if I don’t exactly have a place to put it.

  5. Daniel Roy says:

    Looks like a confessional for little people. I like it.

  6. Sorry, Chris, but I’m not one of your Aumbry Hombres. I am not Aumboard with the decision. In fact, I take Aumbrage to its choice as the cover photo.

  7. I really liked the pics you posted as you were building this, but seeing it finished and in situ…man! Awesome piece, and all the better for its novelty. Also looking forward to the new stuff in PW.

  8. jmuhaw says:

    Mine is renewed. Love the collaboration between the two groups!

  9. Very nice piece of furniture. I’m a subscriber and will stay a subscriber.
    I read that German Heiko Rech was one of the translators on one of your workbench books recently released in Germany by “Holzwerken” publishing. I wonder what bad you did to him? If you read between the lines of his recent blog posting about the book you gain the impression he doesn’t want people to buy that book because it doesn’t contain what anyone would expect.
    I own both workbench books, haven’t worked through them yet fully but judging from the descriptions I think it is pretty clear what to expect – and what not. No need to be picky about things he deems are amiss.
    I wonder why he worked on that book if he doesn’t like the book – or you for that matter: In comments to another blog posting Heiko Rech mentioned he doesn’t want to publicly write what he thinks of Chris Schwarz (and Paul Sellers) – this speaks volumes. Weird.

    I hope you’ll still enjoy your visit to Germany in 2015. It’s a sawbench course, isn’t it?

  10. joecrafted says:

    I haven’t done much woodworking in a long while, but this project looks like something I will tackle this upcoming year.

  11. Ryan Starkey says:

    Very pleasing lines, I was wondering what you were making. (you had a close-
    up picture of the window a few months earlier in the blog, I think) Should I assume I’ll need to finally buy a few good rasps to tackle this one? I have 400 other questions but I’ll wait for the article/book!

  12. yazoonian says:

    Megan has been a disappointment. Not enough doilies, cute heart cutouts or even a single arts and crafts tissue box cover.

  13. Clay Dowling says:

    I love the new direction the magazine is taking. Seeing new styles of furniture always makes me want to head to the shop.

  14. snwoodwork says:

    My 3 year old son saw this picture last night and said, “That’s nice, can you build me one?” When does that issue of PWW come out?

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