Roy Underhill Reads ‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!’

Listening to an author read his or her work is always enlightening. For me, it’s similar to the difference between a recorded song and a live song. You hear something different.

Because we cannot drive Roy to your house, we asked him to take a few minutes this week to read one of his favorite chapters from his new novel: “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!” He read Chapter 12 in his cabin, which is above the mill building where he and Jane live in North Carolina.

Roy lit a fire, fired up the laptop and recorded this short 7-minute chapter for you to enjoy.

This weekend, Megan Fitzpatrick (who edited the novel) and I (who watched) will be filming each of us reading our favorite chapters and posting them here. I plan to read mine while wearing my tube top, if I can find it.

If you can get the image of a tube-topped yeti out of your head, I’d also like to mention that “Calvin Cobb” is available with free domestic shipping until Nov. 29. After that, I think shipping will be $7.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. I know this little film will renew calls for Roy to do an audiobook version of the book. We hear you! Before we even think about that possibility we have to complete a lot of other projects first. Sorry. We are only two people.

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12 Responses to Roy Underhill Reads ‘Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!’

  1. fitz says:

    I will not be wearing a tube top. The only one I’ve ever bought was for Chris (really).

  2. Paul Smith says:

    Hey a few minutes after my post the mail lady delivered my book. WHOOPIE! No more work for today.
    Thanks for the fast service.

  3. IF not Roy, then Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart, or Seth MacFarlane….

  4. oldbaleine says:

    Damn, in that tube-top
    You make me almost forget
    That you’re my cousin.

    “Redneck Haiku”

  5. jenohdit says:

    Is that a gas “woodstove” in the background? Practical yes, but…

  6. royunderhill says:

    I was burning oak and river birch in an enclosed glass front stove. The only gas was from the author!

    • jenohdit says:

      I should never have had any doubt, but something about the flames made me wonder. My significant other is pushing towards a gas stove which I may have to give in to due to chimney issues. I miss wood smoke in the winter.

  7. I don’t understand…why can’t you drive Roy to my house?

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