Coming Tuesday: Lost Art Press Sweatshirts


On Tuesday we will begin selling our first-ever sweatshirt: A 100-percent cotton American Apparel zip hooded sweatshirt that features a hand-drawn logo by artist Joshua Minnich. The sweatshirt will be available in small, medium, large, XL and 2XL. The cost will be $45.

Though this seems a small thing – selling a sweatshirt – this product represents almost seven weeks of work for John and me. I had the easy part – working with the artist on the logo. Since August, John has been trying to reconfigure our supply chain for apparel so it’s like our supply chain for our books.

John got us very close to the source and cut out several layers of people who do nothing but pass on expenses. As a result, this sweatshirt will be $45 – a very good price for a quality American-made sweatshirt – instead of $65.

It’s the same strategy we use to ensure our books are competitive.

With any luck, we will be able to lower prices on our hats and T-shirts in the near future, thanks to John’s diligent work.

I’m wearing one of the prototype sweatshirts right now. The logo is fantastic; I like the way the zipper passes right through the compass. And the sweatshirt is as soft as the thigh of emu.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. I know these questions will come up: I’m afraid these are the only sizes available to us from the factory. And we are still not able to sell apparel internationally; we hope that day will come.


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16 Responses to Coming Tuesday: Lost Art Press Sweatshirts

  1. Sweet!!! I hope it’s not offensive to be as excited about this as the pending new release books given you are not an apparel company.


  2. toolnut says:

    Same logo on the back or plain back?


  3. Kim Howarter says:

    I prefer the chiseled look!


  4. legmakernc says:

    I love soft Emu , I’d like a shirt.


  5. Kevin says:

    That design looks really nice and it is a price I’m more than happy to pay, great work all around.


  6. durbien says:

    Does this mean no more “American Apparel” stuff?


  7. Love that logo design. Hope to see it show up on a t-shirt in the not so far future.


  8. Ham Salad says:

    Looks good!

    I’m sure the story of how you found out about emu thigh softness is a good one. Ahh, those crazy Aussies..


  9. bsrlee says:

    Obviously Chris has never met an Emu. Soft is not an adjective to describe an Emu, unless you also think ‘soft’ also applies to alligators.


  10. Yes Chris, I’m curious as to how often you fondle the thighs of Emus? You don’t want to know what Freud thought about that in case it was “just” a dream……….


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