Book of Plates: The Final, Furry Proofing


The designer and I finished up proofing “l’Art du menuisier: The Book of Plates” on Tuesday and today are washing our hands of the project.

We probably should wash our hands twice after what Wally the cat was doing on the proofs. While it looks like he’s examining the pages for typos, I can assure you that is not what is going down.

Today the final proofs for “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!” arrive. It’s like Christmas.

— Christopher Schwarz


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6 Responses to Book of Plates: The Final, Furry Proofing

  1. tsstahl says:

    How much proofing could a picture book need? I could understand if there were pop-ups, or something.

    Seriously, your work is appreciated. Looking forward to the plate book’s arrival.

  2. ejcampbell says:

    You can always spot a poseur when they “read” the print upside down.

  3. Bob Jones says:

    What’s worse – what the cat doing on your desk, or you choosing to take a picture of the moment rather than promptly removing the cat? 🙂

  4. oldbaleine says:

    Looks like Wally is asserting control of the copyright.

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