‘By Hand & Eye’ Animations

BHAE_detail2_500_IMG_7428Here you can download the geometry animations discussed in “By Hand & Eye” by George Walker and Jim Tolpin. There are a variety of ways to download them to your computer or watch them.

  1. Download the following .zip file. After it lands in your “Downloads” folder, double-click it and it will extract itself. You will have a folder with three documents. Double-click on “By Hand & Eye Animations.html.” That will open your default web browser and you will see all the animations.


  2. Follow this link to a Dropbox folder where the three files discuss in No. 1 will be located. Download those. Double-click on “By Hand & Eye Animations.html” to get started.
  3. Visit Jim Tolpin’s YouTube channel. Scroll down and you’ll see all the animations there.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to ‘By Hand & Eye’ Animations

  1. toolnut says:



  2. rcjennings says:

    just spectacular-
    The analytic involved is mind bending


  3. Wish that better instruction on the constructions had been included in the text. To me that omission makes the book a bit more of a bookshelf book, and a bit less of a workshop book.


  4. spokeshave27 says:

    show me a method that produces a 9-sided polygon and I will be most impressed 😉


  5. afromb says:

    Thanks to you at LAP and of course to Jim Tolpin for sharing this. A great work, bringing in a new consideration for me: the possibility to make all those constructions from scratch without using a square. some constructions i learne in a different way, nevertheless its very interesting and helpful. Will put some things into my daily work and order my copy at dictum in no time.
    greetings, Alexander


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