Reminder: Midwest Wood Sale this Weekend


Come to Cincinnati this weekend to scarf up the wood that is left at Midwest Woodworking at a significant discount – 25 percent off the already-low prices for solid wood and 40 percent off veneer.

Midwest is located at 4019 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati, and the sale will go from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bring cash or check – no plastic.

I’ll be there to scrounge up some pine, mahogany and sapele for some future commissions. If there are enough people who are interested, we might organize an expedition to the nearby Madtree Brewing taproom, which is less than three miles away and has good beer and brings in some good food.

If you see me there, let me know if you’re in or not for Madtree.

See you there!

— Christopher Schwarz


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10 Responses to Reminder: Midwest Wood Sale this Weekend

  1. lightcs says:

    Wow. An incredible selection of wood. I wonder what inspiration that could give me. Sadly, I am not able to get out there, nor do I have the talent to really make the special pieces I would like to make with such beautiful wood.

  2. JY Chin says:

    Looks like the scene from raiders of the lost ark.

    • steveschafer says:

      See that stack of dark-colored beams in the aisle there? That’s the woodworking equivalent of the Lost Ark of the Covenant: about $40,000 worth of Brazilian rosewood.

  3. nateharold says:

    Dang – just a 7min drive from my sister’s house. But a 34hour drive from my house…

  4. jenohdit says:

    That is a beautiful building (despite the horrible upper story expansion). Any idea of what its original purpose was?

    • Sigh.

      It was Cincinnati Tool, which made woodworking tools, most notably spokeshaves. They had their own foundry there. Later they made excellent bar clamps there under the “Hargrave” label. Excellent clamps – I have many.

      The building is one amazing relic of the city’s industrial past. Every neighborhood has some giant building that made woodworking or metalworking machines. Or machines to make machines (such as Cinti Milacron).

      Most of these buildings are endangered, as is this one.

  5. bsrlee says:

    I just wish you’d stop taunting us poor ‘furriners’. Flying half way around the world then trying to convince the airline that ‘It’s just hand luggage’ won’t work. Of course you could just bundle some up and send it over as ‘Foreign Aid’.

  6. jlloydparks says:

    Chris, I will be there and bringin two others with me with an 18′ trailer. Can’t stay to make Madtree though I wish we would, but we are driving back to VA Saturday afternoon. We are planning a recon mission tonight including a run at Gordo’s for burgers is you are interested. The guy with the trailer wants to see the lay of land so he doesn’t get stuck or worse.

  7. Joe Eberle says:

    I wish I could some southern yellow pine here in wisconsin (or even within 100 miles).
    If anybody knows of a source that would be fermented adult beverages involved.

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