Knockdown Nicholson Workbench, Day .625


I had only 90 minutes in the shop today as we spent most of our daylight getting my daughter packed for college and taking her out for a rib dinner.

But during those 90 minutes I assembled the ends and added the stretchers. Everything went swimmingly until I fit the final stretcher. I planed the stretcher’s edge a stroke too many and so that one lap joint isn’t museum-quality.


The end assembly right before the final fitting of the stretcher. It is a little long here.

However, the joint is at the back of the bench and by the floor, so I guess I have more luck than brains today.

Tomorrow it’s off to college, and I’ll brood about that joint’s gap all the way home.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. “The Naked Woodworker” will be live in the store tomorrow evening.


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12 Responses to Knockdown Nicholson Workbench, Day .625

  1. Would it be possible, or make sense for that matter, to combine a 3 inch thick laminated top with a NIcholson style bench? Sort of like a hybrid between a Holtzapffel and a Nicholson.

    It seems to me that doing so would make holdfast use easier that way, if nothing else. Plus there’s that rule of yours about always adding weight.

  2. Man you are working under pressure. I mean you child is going away to school. I hope she has a great experience and best wishes. Now get your head out of that hole (dirt) an build that bench.

  3. Ham Salad says:

    How could this happen? That gap is glaring!

    Whatever, I’ll bet you were a joy on the ride to college and back with that bugging you.

  4. jbakerrower says:

    So… did your daughter take a full set of campaign furniture to college?

  5. doug081979 says:


    I’m wondering if you prefer the Roubo workbench over the Nicholson workbench? My shop space has increased and it’s time to replace it with something more useful. I’m leaning towards the Roubo workbench.


    • doug081979 says:

      I meant it’s time to replace my apartment bench with something more useful. Sorry…

    • Doug,

      I honestly don’t prefer the functionality of one over the other as long as they can easily hold boards so you can work on their faces, edges and ends (see also, my “Kitchen Test” for benches).

      I prefer the looks of the Roubo, but I also prefer the look of my wife. All women have the same func… (I better stop there).

      • doug081979 says:


        Thanks for the information. I prefer the looks of the Roubo as well. My apartment bench doesn’t even compare to the Roubo or the Nicholson.

  6. Earl Lambert says:

    I have a 10′ x 6′ work area and would like to build a 4’6″ long Nicholson workbench. But, I need to be able store a tool box under the bench, so I would need to cut a pass through in the midsection of the apron. Would this design change affect either the stability or the functionality of the bench?


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