For the Workbench Nerds


A have a new post on Basque workbenches on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine. Check out the unusual face vise.

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to For the Workbench Nerds

  1. That is also an interesting bow saw variant. Any background story on what it was used for?

    • LostArtPress says:

      It is cool. I don’t know anything additional. Perhaps someone else can comment.

      • Matt Talley says:

        It was in a marqueterie shop in Revel, France. Part of a took chest that had LOTS of craftsman-made tool handles and what looked like a tenon saw with the same pistol grip. it cut on the pull stroke. The tools and shop were from around 1890 and a little French, a special light in my eye and, and a big smile allowed me to get to handle the tools and make a few shavings.

    • Jeff Burks says:

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