Campaign Birdhouse (And a Movie)


Campaign birdhouse. It is real. Check it out on my blog at Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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7 Responses to Campaign Birdhouse (And a Movie)

  1. calebjamesplanemaker says:

    Awesome! Where can I get the hardware? And do you have measured drawings for this? What issue of PW will this be in? Also will you cut up all the pieces and post them to me if I pay you?




  2. joemcglynn says:

    There better be a cut list with that… 🙂


  3. kendewitt608 says:

    I learned in many years of working that a argument or opinion can be carried to a illogical
    conclusion. This seems to prove it.
    Cannot wait for the dog house.


  4. Bob Jones says:

    So it’s more like a bird trap. I guess you could mount it on a poll with a bearing and spring. With the right trip wire you will be trapping birds in true campaign style.


  5. dzj9 says:

    The Agrippina model.


  6. jbgcr says:

    Cut list be darned – the hardware list is short 8 hinges.


  7. steveschafer says:

    I am heartened to see that he used white oak, per the original specifications (patent pending). I am dismayed that there is no brass escutcheon surrounding the entry hole.


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