Hello, My Name is Ipe


The only thing that is tougher on my tools’ edges than ipe is students.

— Christopher Schwarz, who has been grinding and sharpening all morning.

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30 Responses to Hello, My Name is Ipe

  1. larry7293 says:

    Looks like the new LN sharpening jig!!

    • I looked on LN web site and did not find the jig.
      Any info would be appreciated.

      • rickbowles says:

        It is a prototype of a new, terrific LN sharpening jig. They should be available shortly.

      • theindigowoodworker says:

        I would swear it was on the site a few months back at around $80 with lots of extras at similar prices. Maybe I just had a very detailed dream about it after reading something about it earlier.

  2. Wiktor Kuc says:

    Watch your knuckles…

  3. What the hell is that sharpening jig???

  4. Chris ” You can borrow my tools but please don’t let the edges clang around on your benches” Students ” What was that old codger babbling about? I can’t get these !@@#$% dovetails to fit!”

  5. jwatriss says:

    Tage Frid was known, among other things, for sharpening with a belt grinder and buffing wheel. Saved a lot of time, and was ‘good enough.’

    Might be worth looking into. Ipe was the wood that broke my mortiser, a couple of years ago. Good enough might just be what you need.

  6. joemcglynn says:

    I’d love to know more about that jig too, it looks like an improved “Eclipse” jig — which is something that sorely needs improving after all.

    • The “Eclipse” jig was the first I bought a long time ago. I have since bought five other sharpening jigs and I always come back to the “Eclipse”. Copies from the Far East do not work very well but my original gives me the simplest, easiest way of sharpening everything but Japanese chisels. Does not need “improving”.

  7. rickbowles says:

    And you’re loving every minute with that L-N prototype!

  8. jonathanszczepanski says:

    What are you making out of ipe?

  9. Mike Davis says:

    You keep teasing us with that jig, come out with it already!

  10. Meh. Go commando. Hold that thing in your hand. Easy and quick. You’ll get the hang of it. We obsess overmuch over perfect sharpness.

  11. abtuser says:

    Hello, my name is Ipe Montoya…

  12. dkratville says:

    I have a Knight smoothing plane made out of Ipe. Hard as rock and moves so smooth over the surface of other woods!

  13. Your screws aren’t clocked

  14. kendewitt608 says:

    IPE Snippy, I want that jig !

  15. misterlinn says:

    Aha! Finally I’m one up on everyone! I’ve played with that jig when Deneb Puchalski came to the Axminster Shop in Warrington, Cheshire in April. It is a prototype, but it grips under finger tightening like a Scotsman to a can of Special Brew (I’m Scottish, so I’m allowed. And Special Brew is a particularly strong – but cheap – lager favoured by alkys). It has interchangeable parts for holding various blades, including skew blades. LN, at that time, hadn’t worked out the manufacturing kinks yet.

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