Quick – 2 Spots Open in My Dutch Tool Chest Class


Because of some military redeployments, there are two spots open in my Dutch Tool Chest class at Roy Underhill’s The Woodwright’s School on June 18-20, 2014.

If you can skip out of work (or are lucky enough to be an “individual of leisure”), you can register for the class here. Scroll down on the page and you’ll see the class listing. Keep scrolling. Yup. Oops. Too far.

Thanks to Roy, these classes are highly amusing. Thanks to me, they are also hirsute. Megan Fitzpatrick (who is not hirsute) has threatened to be my assistant during the class. And the Pittsboro, N.C., shop is a great place to take a woodworking class.

The Dutch Tool Chest class is a great introduction to handwork – even if you’ve never picked up a tool before.

— Christopher Schwarz

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16 Responses to Quick – 2 Spots Open in My Dutch Tool Chest Class

  1. Joe says:

    Chris, I will be there the week before, arriving on 11 June (that REALLY sucks). John has agreed to open the store for me as the school is closed. Anyway, I am in the middle of building a Dutch chest (larger one). Would it be possible to get either a picture or a description of how you attach the case section of the hinge? I know the lid leaf is attached inside of the lid. Is the case leaf attached to the outside rear? With screws (therefore easy to remove)??

    thanks, Joe McMahon

  2. Ben says:

    Their website seems like it was put together by someone who builds furniture without the help of electricity.

    Can’t find the price without registering.

    Don’t know why I’d taunt myself with the notion anyways. I think people frown upon leaving a ten month old to fend for itself during the day when his mom’s at work.

    • LostArtPress says:


      It’s $475. If you can swing that, it would be great to have you. I owe you multiple beers.

      • Ben says:

        I bit the bullet and registered for the site. $475 would be well worth it. Taking that class at that school is a bucket list item.

        Hopefully next year it’ll be easier get away for a few day… hell… I even prefer it during the week like that.

    • Daniel Roy says:

      The best furniture in the world was made without electricity. Museums and rich people pay small fortunes for furniture made without electricity.
      No one will pay whomever creates Roy’s website a small fortune.
      Your comparison makes no sense.

  3. I highly recommend this class. I took it when Chris was in Anchorage, AK earlyier this year.
    And enjoyed it and learned a lot. you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Daniel Roy says:

    Anybody know what hirsute means?

  5. kendewitt608 says:

    Guess I was not fast enough, that funky site says I am reserved and then on next page says the dreaded “Waitlisted”

  6. clitesbr says:

    I was waitlisted as well. Chris – as of last night, do you know if Roy’s site was displaying the 2 available slots? Or is there a chance that the waitlisters may get in? (And sorry for the re-deployments. That stinks for everyone. Thoughts with our soldiers and their families.)

  7. How soon did these spots get filled after this post? I too just got “waitlisted”…

  8. tyleriowan says:

    This is probably terribly stupid of me to ask, but I’ve had enough beer. Is the Dutch tool chest only a class build or is the a plan that can be purchased? I would love to take a class but don’t anticipate you’ll be in the Denver area anytime soon.

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