Benchcrafted Instructions are Excellent


When I installed my first woodworking vise, the only instructions were a grease-stained diagram without words. Just a crude drawing that was anti-helpful and full of errors.

After installing and helping to install a lot of Benchcrafted hardware on student benches, I can attest that this company has some of the best instructions in the business. They are on par with the outstanding Leigh manuals. I’ve had to learn to use Leigh jigs for tool reviews and they are the finest instructions I’ve ever seen for any device.

The Benchcrafted instructions are clear, concise and accurate. They were written by woodworkers and it shows. If you have ever thought you couldn’t install a Benchcrafted Tail Vise or Glide, check out their free downloadable manuals. Read them through and you’ll be on your way.


I took a break this morning from editing Peter Galbert’s book and finished up the mortise in my vise chop for the Benchcrafted Crisscross. After following the directions, the castings dropped right into place like a rectangular peg in a rectangular hole.

Sweet. Now back to editing Galbert’s book. Almost done! Then it is onto the page-design phase.

— Christopher Schwarz


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5 Responses to Benchcrafted Instructions are Excellent

  1. Christopher

    How do you get the walls of the socket so clean and crisp?


  2. Tim Raleigh says:

    Ya, those walls are real nice!

  3. hughjengine says:

    For the instructions were dark and full of errors!

    I muddled through a set during the week where the components came in three boxes, with a single-sheet of wordless exploded diagram (that was in German) – hats off to Benchcrafted,

  4. Mathieu says:

    I have always remained opposed to the need of a woodworking bench. But I have to admit that when I see such a wel crafted hardware I have to refrain myself from dreaming of my own. Suddenly I want to make up a reason why a workbench might be necessary in my shop. Maybe I will change my mind one day…

  5. Please suspend all other activities until Pete Galbert’s new book is in my mailbox. I was supposed to have read that book twice by now!

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