Years Later, I Met Them in Person



The Internet is a strange and absolutely wonderful place. You can have productive and involved relationships with people you have never met. I have heard that people even find intimacy (note, you will never find those photos of me with the weasels. Nope. Don’t bother.)

Today I had the huge pleasure of meeting Michele Pietryka-Pagán and her husband during a meeting of the Society of Period Furniture Makers meeting in Rockville, Md. Michele is the lead translator of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible.” Without her, there would be no Roubo translation.


It was, for me, a special moment. Michele and Don Williams discussed the project at some length during the meeting, and it was fun to see them play off one another. They worked together at the Smithsonian, and the friendly connection is obvious.

Also this week, I plan to meet some other long-time contributors to Lost Art Press.

On Friday and Saturday I’ll be meeting Jennie Alexander, author of “Make a Joint Stool from a Tree” to discuss a super-secret project that is still in its first trimester. And sometime this week, I hope to connect with Suzanne Ellison, the official saucy indexer for Lost Art Press.

Yes, there will be adult supervision.

OK, time to go back to sleep. I have a nasty virus, which I did not contract from the Internet (or those weasels).

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to Years Later, I Met Them in Person

  1. mpp12013 says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Chris! The pleasure was all mine, and it really was a lot of fun being with you and all “the guys” this morning. My husband also very much enjoyed being there and absorbing “the ambiance”. Keep up the great work – remember: these are the good years. Michele

  2. It was a great meeting! Great photograph, especially the back of my t-shirt. Really looking forward to the next volume.

  3. John Rowe says:

    Michele was very sporting and a delightful personality. How pleasant it must have been to work with her for 30 years as Don did.

  4. bloksav says:

    As an engineer I must say that I like Don’s suspenders. Nuts and bolts are cool.
    I assume that the stack of books is a complete set of Roubos? Please say that you are going to publish them all.

    • Tom Dugan says:

      While Chris sleeps off whatever he brought East from the tundra I’ll just say yes and not quite. Meaning Michele and Don engaged in a quite enormous undertaking.

    • lostartpress says:


      It is really up to the translation team and their endurance. We would love to print all five, though we might sell only a few.

      • bloksav says:

        OK, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
        By the way, my youngest son loudly explained for the hairdresser (and the entire salon) that “My dad has bought a woodworking book for $500”.
        The other customers looked at me like I was from outer space..

  5. Sean Yates says:

    “…to discuss a super-secret project…”

    Get the defibrillator!
    The suspense !

  6. carpenterman says:

    feel better soon!

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