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When I left the corporate publishing world, I stopped wearing a wristwatch everyday. In fact, I don’t think I’ve worn one this year. This is, of course, a symbolic gesture. We won’t release a book until we are happy with it.

So I can’t ever say when a certain title will be released. However, here are the projects we are working on now and in the coming months.

“Windsor Foundations” (a tentative title) by Peter Galbert
I’m about halfway through editing this book. As a woodworker who loves chairmaking, I can say that this is the best book I have read on the topic. Peter is able to explain complex subjects with clarity and just a few words. Plus, he is drawing all of the illustrations for the book (and there are a ton of them).

“Princips de l’Architecture” by André Félibien, translation by Brian Anderson
This important French book pre-dated Joseph Moxon and explains processes and tools not shown in Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises.” Brian is finishing the translation, which should be in my hands in a few weeks. Read more on this book here.

“Roubo on Furniture” by Donald C. Williams, Michele Pietryka-Pagán & Philippe Lafargue
The translation of this book is complete and the edited sections are now flowing to me. The scope of this book is remarkable. I think you will find it was worth the wait. We will again publish a standard edition and a limited deluxe edition of this book. I don’t have any more details on pricing or availability.

“Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!” by Roy Underhill
The text is complete and Megan Fitzpatrick is finishing her first edit. We are on the verge of selecting an illustrator. Right, Megan? This book is on track for release in the fall.

“Furniture of Necessity” by Christopher Schwarz
I’m taking the first load of furniture up to the engraver on Saturday. So look for an update on this title in the next week or so.

“The Woodworker: The Charles Hayward Years” by Charles Hayward
This project has been going on for as long as our Roubo translation. We have acquired the rights to publish about 500 magazine articles written and illustrated by Charles Hayward when he was editor of The Woodworker magazine in England. The book will cover joinery, tools, casework, carving, turning and traditional design. The goal is to have this massive tome released by the end of 2014, but you’ve heard that line before.

“Virtuoso: The Tool Chest and Workbench of H.O. Studley” (tentative title) by Don Williams
This book will be out this time next year. That is all.

We also have three other titles that I haven’t announced yet but we have completed contract negotiations with the authors. One of these books is a do-it-before-you-die project for me. So our 2015 is booked up and we are already working on the lineup for 2016.

— Christopher Schwarz

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32 Responses to Upcoming Projects at Lost Art Press

  1. frpaulas says:

    Maybe I should just put you on a monthly retainer and you just send books when available.

  2. toolnut says:

    Andrew Lund book?

  3. joemcglynn says:

    “One of these books is a do-it-before-you-die project for me”

    FINALLY! “Roubo On Birdhouses”

  4. Justin Tyson says:

    Galbert on Windsors…Drool. Seriously, I can’t wait.

  5. WHAT!?!?! No steamy romance novels with hand tool innuendoes?

  6. Sweet! I’m holding my credit card right now; I’ll take two of each. You guys are the best.

  7. tsstahl says:

    “I’m taking the first load of furniture up to the engraver on Saturday.”

    Is that still a literal process, or just leftover trade vernacular? I’m never sure with your penchant for quirkiness in pursuit of perfection.


    Hmm, six out of seven titles appeal to me to some degree. Too bad I suck at chairmaking. Though I’ve only attempted two chairs they both were abysmal enough to put me off the craft.

    I appreciate the relevancy of the LAP titles to my tastes. Carry on carrying on. 🙂

  8. miathet says:

    Can’t you change some of the titles and billing information to something like “Raising Small Children” by Responsible Adults or something? My wife knows to look for Lost Arts Press so I get busted every time I order.

    Special Service $10 – make it look like something essential for house

    Love the direction and don’t know how to get enough time to read them and build things

  9. bloksav says:

    Now I know what to wish for my birthday next year: Studley and R2.

    Happy Easter

  10. sablebadger says:

    I’m in for the vast majority of these. I’ll possibly even get the Chair making one just to read, even though I’m not into making chairs. I like the diversity of titles too, Felebien and Roubo for the history which I am super looking forward to. Furniture of Nescessity is probably my most anticiapted book to buy, I’m super curious about this one since I’ve made quite a few of the 6 board chests, and want to see your thoughts. Roy’s fiction book sounds SUPER fun as well. I can’t wait. I was thinking of writing a zombie apocolypse woodworker book, but I never got around to it. I have another book idea in front of that first.

  11. Tony Zaffuto says:

    Since you no longer wear a wrist watch, I’ll pay you five dollars American for the Sinn you expounded about several years ago (besides tools, I accumulate watches, primarily Swiss, but I’ll make an exception to help you out with your German watch).

    • lostartpress says:

      I wish my Sinn worked. After sending it back to the factory to be rebuilt (after the great garbage disposal/chicken bone incident) it stopped keeping regular time. Then it stopped altogether.

      Sigh. I miss that watch.

  12. This is a LOT of books to look forward to. I’m especially excited to see Galbert’s book and his illustrations and the engravings for Furniture of Necessity, but in all honesty, I’ve been excitedly awaiting all of these books (except for the Hayward volume which is complete [good] news to me).

  13. luce32 says:

    Like others, I sit with my credit card in hand, ready for your next release. I was sorry to read Roubo will not be out soon – like this month haha. I am getting married next month and wanted it for a wedding present this year. I am 66 so I dare not put off the wedding. Time is short. Maybe you would like me to read a draft for you – hint hint. I am of French descent so it would be appropriate. Take care and keep the good books coming.

  14. i can’t wait to read Mike Dunbar’s forward to Peter’s book!

  15. Will Lie-Nielsen carry your “Furniture Of Necessity” book?

  16. Peter Evans says:

    Great to see Charles Hayward’s Woodworker articles are to be published again. I enjoy reading and re-reading his articles and books, and fortunately have almost them all of ’em. As his articles are (almost all) anonymous in “The Woodworker”, will be interesting to see the list – and also to be able to identify which articles he did not write. Hayward starting writing for the magazine in 1923, became assistant editor in 1935, and editor in 1939, and probably wrote most (all?) the articles in the wartime years, retired as editor in 1966, but continued writing on and off until the 1980’s. Over this period of 50 years, 500 articles seems like a low figure?

    • lostartpress says:

      We are not reprinting all of Hayward’s articles. That would entail 15 articles on jack planes, 10 on dovetailing and about 1,100 on French polishing. We have spent a long time identifying what we think are the best of his work.

  17. All the books I’ve read over the last year have been from Lost Art Press. Looks like my reading schedule for the next year is laid out as well. I like it!!! I agree with frpaulas, I’ll put you on retainer and you just send me one of whatever you publish.

  18. A. Gautier says:

    I believe the correct title of André Félibien’s book is “Des principes de l’architecture, de la sculpture, de la peinture, et des autres arts qui en dépendent” (1699). — https://archive.org/details/desprincipesdela00feli .

  19. sirlurkcalot says:

    Dam it man! You buggers is costing me a fortune!
    How can I retire with all these books to pay for?

  20. any update on the Nicholson workbench DVD? Been looking forward to that one.

  21. rlambert94 says:

    Seems trivial to suggest but I wish there was a built in bookmark on these books. These books are too nice to “dog-ear” my page to keep my place. Local stores don’t have anything worthy to use in these books. I’m suggesting a bookmark like in some bibles. OR you could print up a nice bookmark on quality card stock with the LAP logo.

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