Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event (and Lost Art Press Garage Sale)


This weekend (April 4 and 5) Lost Art Press will be at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Cincinnati. As always, the event will be held at the offices of Popular Woodworking Magazine (go here for directions and hours).

We’ll have all of our Lost Art Press books (including a deluxe version of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible”) to sell. But this year we’ll have some extra stuff because the show is in our back yard.

We’ll have discounted copies of our books that are blemished or were soiled (don’t ask) and returned. In addition, I have been cleaning out the basement and have gathered together a heap of tools I had forgotten about or were boxed up out of sight.

Some are new stuff I purchased to test years ago. Some tools are vintage ones I bought to study. All will be priced fairly. (And yes, the tools we do not sell will be up here on the blog for everyone at a later date.)

And one last thing: I’m bringing one of my unfinished full-size Anarchist’s tool chests to sell. The shell, skirts and lid are complete. You just have to add the internal guts. As I built this chest during a class, I have already been paid for my labor. So I’ll be asking the cost of materials only: $300.

If this doesn’t sell, however, I’m not going to put it up here on the blog. These are crazy to ship.

If you live within a day’s drive from Cincinnati, these events are totally worth the trip. This show is one of the bigger ones and has a lot of other toolmakers and furniture-makers.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Please, please, please don’t ask me to send you a list of tools in advance. It doesn’t exist. Or please don’t ask to come by the house at 5 a.m. tomorrow. Crazy requests will be ignored.

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24 Responses to Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event (and Lost Art Press Garage Sale)

  1. fitz says:

    Dibs on a hand drill? (And I would _never_ ask to come by at 5 a.m. … unless I’m still awake from the night before.)

  2. You should… sell camping spots ahead of time and give an address of a neighbor you don’t like, for the pre-sales invaders.

  3. cpolubinsky says:

    I agree with you, Megan. The only time I like to see 5 am is at the end of a very very good day, not at the beginning of one.


  4. tsstahl says:

    5am? Pfft, City Slickers.

    (one in every crowd; here you get several) 😉

  5. Niels Cosman says:

    Will you perchance be selling any authentic Schwarz undies?
    Please don’t ignore me.
    Please don’t ignore me.
    Was that a ghost!?!!
    Please don’t ignore me.

  6. toolnut says:

    Would asking you to deliver be considered a “crazy” request?

  7. What? No advance tool list!

  8. So you will be selling used LN tools at flea market prices next to a hand tool event with new tools at full retail? Are they ok with this?

  9. I have to laugh that any tool maker would get mad at someone that if I had to guess they more than likely know personally and has been know as the tsunami some say tidal wave but i call it a tsunami, of that thing called the ‘Schwarz effect’

  10. tpier says:

    You don’t have a list of tools, but can I send you the list of tools I am looking for, and have you check to see if you have any of them for sale?

  11. jeffvanek says:

    Save some tools for the Chicago Lie Nielsen event !

    • lostartpress says:


      I’m afraid we will not be able to do the Chicago LN show this year as it conflicts with another engagement. So no Hot Doug’s for me.

  12. bobprime0 says:

    Is “Crazy requests will be ignored.” one of the biggest perks of working for yourself?

  13. cmhawkins says:

    If you tool chest didn’t sell I’d like to drive down to Cincinnati, buy it and bring it home.

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