Beware: On Amazon, That is not Us


We’ve had several confused and irate people contact us about why we are selling “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” on Amazon for crazy prices – more than $92 today. The Amazon page uses our photos and our description of the book.

That is not us. We do not sell through Amazon. Never will.

We have asked Amazon to take down our photos and description of the book, but I have little hope we’ll get a reply.

Our books are available only through our Lost Art Press store and a handful of independent woodworking companies. The complete list is here. These sellers will not gouge you.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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14 Responses to Beware: On Amazon, That is not Us

  1. Joel says:

    I routinely see this on Amazon. The price gouging, but also more bizarre things. People will frequently offer used books or CDs for insanely high prices, even when their listing is right next to someone selling the same thing for $5. I’ve never figured out their reasoning. I don’t know who would buy at those prices. It doesn’t seem to be caused by currency exchange rates or them selling an item that’s autographed.

  2. edhresko says:

    Well all an irate person would have to do would be to click on “See All Buying Options” and they would see the seller is a used online bookstore…

  3. Dave Reedy says:

    They also now have “Campaign Furniture” for $89.98. How do they get these books to sell.? Some shill ordering them in his own name? Sue their asses!

  4. ejcampbell says:

    Not actually Amazon, but an amazon partner who sells on their website. I was looking at them a couple years ago for paperback copies of Roubo in French, but decided to wait for you guys instead.

  5. Tim Raleigh says:

    Why are people upset? I don’t get it.
    You could argue that this is free advertising and when someone actually finds the book somewhere else at the regular great price, they will snap it up.

    • tsstahl says:

      Buying and selling books at whatever you can get some schmuck to pay is fine. Our system is set up that way.

      HOWEVER, using someone else’s intellectual property to do so is against the law. Using the LAP images and text without permission is a big no-no.

      I am not an attorney, but I have been in the tech business for several decades. Intellectual propery (IP) law is pretty complicated, but the two big things are if you don’t have permission, you can’t do it, and if you, as the IP owner, don’t protect your rights, you can lose them.

      Using the same text and images as LAP creates a very confusing presentation to the potential customer thereby conveying an air of legitimacy that isn’t there. Or so says the degreed professional in me. The former Marine part of me says, you’re getting scammed and screwed at the same time, buddy.

      Now back to the free market, if anyone reading this wants to pay me a hundred bucks for my copy of The Anarchist’s Tool Chest, click through and send the money. Just know that I have no affiliation with Lost Art Press, and you would be fool for doing so. But, I’ll still take the money for the book. 🙂

  6. says:

    Hi Guys I am not looking to add any fuel to the fire but I just went to the Ohio Bookstore site you suggested and they are tied in with Amazon and I did a search for the Anarchist Tool Chest on Abe books and it came up $92.98 plus shipping. I did not even bother to check Amazon. I have been searching all of your dealers for a Tan Cover version of the Anarchist Tool Chest and that is why I have been checking various dealers of your books. Larry

    • tsstahl says:

      Your reasons are your own and there is nothing wrong with wanting the first printing.

      I believe the current shipping version has an index and other errata integrated into the book; useful items to a woodworker, but maybe not so much to a collector.

      Good luck in your search. See above. I have the tan cover version. 😉

  7. misterlinn says:

    Doesn’t come up on

    • Chances are that Shipping to the UK ain’t cheap. It would cost at a First Class Rate for just the Anarchist Tool Chest book would be $20.50 Not including insurance fees, filling out customs forms and all that. And don’t get me started on Priority Mail either.

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