Correction on the Roorkee Chair in ‘Campaign Furniture’


One of the dimensions on page 161 of “Campaign Furniture” is incorrect. The height of the front stretcher of the Roorkee chair should be 12-1/2” from the floor, not 13-1/2”.

You can download a high-resolution pdf of the corrected page via this link. If you own the pdf of the book, you can make the correction in the text yourself (one of the beauties of having a file that is free of DRM).

Apologies for the error.

— Christopher Schwarz

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11 Responses to Correction on the Roorkee Chair in ‘Campaign Furniture’

  1. wrduffield says:

    You can’t fix it yourself if you only have Acrobat Reader. Of course, you could buy Adobe Acrobat for $139, and make the change. With my paper and ink copy, I can fix it with a pen.

  2. Greg Merritt says:

    Thank you for making us aware of the error.

  3. jstrom75 says:

    So where do I find/get the Meta OT font? Acrobat recognizes it but can’t replicate it.

    • lostartpress says:

      The font is embedded in the pdf. You shouldn’t have to have it to read it. Are you using an Adobe product to view the file?

      • jstrom75 says:

        Oh I can read it just fine. I’m using Acrobat Pro to edit the file as suggested (the above referenced correction and another typo I found). I get a pop-up that says “The original font Meta OT is not available or can’t be used in editing. Acrobat is using the font Minion Pro in its place.” While it’s not critical the fonts match I do like a bit of consistency. I’ve got a sticky note in the pdf for now. I’m just not able to find the Meta OT font anywhere.

  4. As long as we’re making corrections & adjustments it should be noted that the Article on Roorkee chairs used 1″ stretchers and the new book version increases this to 1 1/8″ to 1 1/4″ none of this is an issue but the tenon goes from using the a 1/2″ tenon cutter to a 5/8″…. too bad I ordered the 1/2″ while the LV free shipping was underway. I think the 1/2″ tool will work but you have to make the raw tenon a little longer and cut off the 1/2″ stub – now making these tenons the 5/8″ would look nicer with the heavier stretchers…..

    • lostartpress says:

      That’s not really a correction. It is an allowance for the modern frame. Period.

      • I guess that is true except it would have been nice to have covered the changes in tooling, etc. between the article and the book, which references the article. The article is specific on tooling for the tenon and the book is silent. The book presents a better design but unfortunately doesn’t mention the tooling and doesn’t mention the difference in tooling required from the article. I only mention all of this so others might purchase the correct and more appropriate tenon cutter.

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