‘Campaign Furniture’ for Sale Around the World

Our latest letterpress bookplate design from http://www.steamwhistlepress.com/

Our latest letterpress bookplate design from http://www.steamwhistlepress.com/

Campaign Furniture” has broken all of our sales records here at Lost Art Press, which has made it difficult for our fulfillment service to keep up (don’t worry, they are only a day or two behind). And we’ve just about run out of signed letterpress bookplates (don’t worry, more are on the way on Tuesday).

We can only hope that our retailers are enjoying the enthusiasm for the book. Many of our retailers have now put the book on their web sites. Here are some links.

Lee Valley Tools of Canada is selling the book for $31.
Tools for Working Wood in Brooklyn is selling the book for $31.
Henry Eckert Fine Tools in Australia is selling the book for $48 AUS.
Classic Hand Tools in Great Britain is taking orders for the book for £28.

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to ‘Campaign Furniture’ for Sale Around the World

  1. jonathanszczepanski says:

    Congratulations! It’s nice when hard work pays off… literally.

  2. joemcglynn says:

    Just imagine the sales if you published a book on Arts & Crafts Birdhouses Made with Routers!

    Seriously, congrats.

  3. Toby Sauer says:

    I received mine today and it was worth the wait. Simply a beautiful book. The PDF just doesn’t do the feel of the physical book justice.

    Quality all the way.

  4. Dave Hart says:

    Congrats! Got this on my birthday wishlist.

  5. seawolfe2013 says:

    Congratulations on an excellent book. I have the PDF version and am waiting on the real book. Scheduled to be here next week. Really a fine piece of work! What’s next?

  6. bydie says:

    My copy arrived this week. I was gently opening the pages and reflecting on the attention to quality and how books like this stand out in our digital, now-is-too-late era when my wife looked over my shoulder at one of the color prints. “Wow!” She exclaimed. “That would look really good in the living room!”

    Guess I know what I’ll be doing when I finish the book.

  7. Ray White says:

    Mine arrived here in Australia at 4pm today, I am up to page 197 already at 9.45 and have started looking at leather retailers in Melbourne already after reading the chapters on folding stools and roorkees. It seems leather here is measured in millimeters and not weight. The reference on page 158 suggests an ounce is the same as 1/64th of an inch, I haven’t worked out what that is in mm’s? Having been here in Melbourne recently, are you able to translate that dimension into Australian?

  8. 1/64″-turn to fraction (.0157). Multiply by 25.4 to get mm.

  9. ekrafsur says:

    Because of this book, a van load of white oak followed me home, including a couple of 17″ + wide boards. Now I know how deep my campaign secretary will be.

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