Note on Delivery of Orders

First, I want to thank everyone for your continued support for our products, and your patience as we experience growing pains. We will always strive to put out the best material in the best form and get it to you in a timely manner.

That last point is the reason for this entry. We have received a number of emails from customers who have not seen any movement on their order when they click on the tracking number that was sent to them. The reason for this problem is that the tracking number is generated when the label is printed. We got a great response to our new book,  “Campaign Furniture,” which has caused a backlog. Previous to this release, we “pre-sold” our books for approximately three weeks and offered free shipping during that period. With “Campaign Furniture,” we made the decision to not pre-sell the books and instead sell them only after they arrived to our warehouse (with free shipping for a limited period). This cuts the wait down from four weeks or so to less than two weeks. In the past – and as is the case now – we get a backlog of orders that have to be processed. We have been able to get through the backlog in less than 10 days, and hope to do better in the future.

The problem of customers not seeing any movement on their package tracking number is due to the backlog. The warehouse printed a large number of labels, which generated the tracking number emails to customers, then worked through the backlog. I was at the warehouse yesterday, and they will be caught up on the backlog today – so everyone should see movement on their order by tomorrow.  If not, please email me at

As always, we will ensure we make your order right although it may take a little more time than we would like. We will continue to improve your experience with Lost Art Press as best we can.



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15 Responses to Note on Delivery of Orders

  1. frpaulas says:

    Thanks for the update – I will now fret less.

  2. milwen says:

    Thanks for the update as well as your quick response to my email yesterday on this issue. Growing pains are a good problem to have. Besides, a book not worth waiting a couple weeks to receive is not a book worth having at all.

  3. wb8nbs says:

    This is not new. It was discussed on “Ask An Engineer” last night at about 11 minutes in.

  4. stjones911 says:

    Be patient – it’s worth the wait. I was lucky enough to get my copy of “Campaign Furniture” a few days ago. LAP has really upped their game; the book is beautifully made – paper, binding, color and B&W images, everything. The content is pretty good too.

  5. nathanbreidinger says:

    Here’s my experience: I placed my order last Sunday (March 9th) and almost immediately got a tracking number. I knew that it couldn’t possibly have shipped that fast so I didn’t get my hopes up. My copy came this past Monday (March 17th) only one week later, even with the back log. No problems here. By the way, as usual, the book is of fantastic quality, beautiful layout and photography, as well as ever-entertaining and highly instructional prose by Chris Schwarz. Excellent work Lost Art Press.

  6. Paul Korman says:

    True too your word, my book left the Sort facility yesterday. Never doubted nor was I in a rush since I smartly ordered the electronic version also. Gotta love instant gratification!

  7. Marilyn says:

    Very nice! I hadn’t noticed the tracking option on your site and what a treat. Looking forward to receiving my book next week.

    Signed Happy Customer 🙂

  8. bsrlee says:

    And sometimes the Post Office just get it all wrong. A week ago I had an order sent from the USA to Australia and had it in my hands before the USPS tracking site even registered that the parcel had been lodged – for some reason if it doesn’t scan into the system at point of lodgement then it stays off the system even if it is subsequently scanned elsewhere.

  9. Paleotool says:

    Thanks for the update! Most on-line shoppers have had to learn this over the years.

  10. carpenterman says:

    Oh the good old “Pony Express” — 10 days New York to San Fransisco.

  11. wrduffield says:

    Another masterfully executed book, guys!

    USPS says my copy was received in Indianapolis on the 14th. It arrived at my post office today. In the meantime, the .pdf version was more than satisfactory, and easily perused on my iPad. That’s better service than I got on my latest book from Amazon, ordered months ago, and received this week. They didn’t even provide a tracking number. I found it on my front porch, buried under 4 inches of snow, and UPS knows we don’t use the front door.

    A question: Is the signed book plate PSA backed, or lick and stick, or do I need to heat up my glue pot?

  12. jim4570 says:

    Thanks for the update. I was one of those wanting to know “where is my book?” last week. Got it on Saturday and had it read by Monday. I plan to order ATC on Payday!

  13. fred10ve says:

    I’ve also noted that USPS tracking service is next to useless. Usually the most I get from them is that a tracking number has been assigned; it is often the case that no tracking info can be found at all. There are no midpoint progress reports. I will say that delivery usually takes place in a reasonable time; it’s just that there is no real tracking.

  14. woppinger says:

    Understand and don’t mind the wait myself, but perhaps you can avoid frustration and questions if you can modify the software you’re using to not send out a message with the subject line “Your order has been shipped!” when it hasn’t been…

    • lostartpress says:

      We have changed the wording of the subject line and text of the e-mail. Usually orders are shipped the same day, so it isn’t a problem. But this book created a backlog that lasted a couple days.

      Sorry again for the delay.

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