There are no bluebirds in India

Did I hear someone say, “campaign birdhouse”?


– Steve Schafer

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14 Responses to There are no bluebirds in India

  1. jonathanszczepanski says:

    Does that mount to the side of the elephant, or does it go on his rump?

  2. frpaulas says:

    What’s the URL for the SketchUp model?

    • steveschafer says:

      I hate to disappoint, but it’s not even a complete model. It has no bottom, and there are no screw heads on the sides you can’t see. You can download it from

      There are two files, one with textures (15 MB) and one without (390 kB).
      The rendering was done in Maxwell Render, which I don’t expect people to have (it costs actual money), but it should be simple to redo in your favorite free renderer.

      If you want to build it, you’ll need about three board feet of 4/4 white oak, a set of nine custom brasses (which I will gladly sell you for $1999.95, free screws included) and one infinite pebbly plastic ground plane above which to display the finished product.

  3. trainman0978 says:

    If the screws are clocked, the bluebirds will come.

  4. marnspiger says:

    There are so blue birds in India! For example: the blue throated blue flycatcher or the Indian blue robin.


  5. ty black says:

    Thine clocked screws shall be in the direction of the grain, verily say the Schwarz

  6. carpenterman says:

    mahogany, teak or pine ?

  7. joemcglynn says:

    In all seriousness, I think it’s interesting to take a common furniture form and render it in different styles. For example, I’m building a version of the Byrdcliffe wall cabinet that Chris did an article on. It’s a hanging wall unit with two shelves and a small door on one side. Take that basic form and apply different design aesthetics. I can see it done in Mission, Greene & Green and Shaker easily. If I squint I can imagine it in a federal style with inlaid stringing and cock beads. Mid-century Modern? Easy-peasy.

  8. fitz says:


  9. miathet says:

    Awesome!! But seriously do not show that to my wife she is one to keep the bird house book people in business.

  10. Paul McGee says:

    … but it doesn’t fold up. ????

    • Daniel Roy says:

      It’s a fake. You can tell because it has no handles that would be shaped like boobs if it did.
      Also, notice it’s not very stackable.

  11. …. and there’s no leather

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