Mark Firley Does Not Drink, But He is on Something


Mark Firley of The Furniture Record blog has written up a piece on campaign furniture that is 100 percent false. Except the pictures. Go for the photos.

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If you don’t subscribe to The Furniture Record, remedy that now. Firley travels the world with the obsessive goal of photographing every piece of furniture and every dovetail ever made. He collects his photos into sets on Flickr (120 sets as of today) that are a furniture-maker’s delight.

If I want to make a piece of furniture that looks nice, I look at 100 examples of that piece first – at a minimum. Only then will I see the bell curve of ugly, average and extraordinary. And only then will I know where my design falls on that curve.

The Furniture Record is a completely free jumpstart of your furniture education.

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to Mark Firley Does Not Drink, But He is on Something

  1. bobbarnettpe says:

    He thinks it is April 1st. I loved the part about meeting you in 1946.


  2. rdwilkins says:

    You look amazing for being 89, I had no idea. It must be the vinegar in that dill pickle juice you drink.


  3. 100 percent false. I resent that. I don’t deny it, I just resent it. The part about the Chicago School Economic Theory is true. Or at least how I remember it. You know I’m over 90.


  4. OMG! Hilarious. You two made my day.


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