Unpacking the Douro Chair


My Douro chair from Christopher Clarke Antiques Ltd. arrived yesterday morning, and I shot this short video of the unpacking and assembly process.

The chair’s mechanism is exceedingly simple and ingenious, and I’m excited about building a version for my own travels. It won’t require any custom hardware as best I can tell.

The table/crate is enormous – tall enough to eat off of or work as a desk (in a pinch). And it is built like a tank. The corners are reinforced with iron. The hinges and lock are built for heavy service.

The chair itself is quite comfortable – like a Morris chair with springy armrests.

Enough gloating. I have work to do.

— Christopher Schwarz

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31 Responses to Unpacking the Douro Chair

  1. Mark A says:

    Any chance we might see a version of this in a future book or PW article?

  2. jonathanszczepanski says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that it was shipped in a crate?

  3. The perfect furniture for the “International Man of Leisure.” Complete comfort no matter where you travel. Bravo!

  4. fitz says:

    Bourbon & Wally–two of my favorite things.

  5. Tom Dugan says:

    What’s the weight in the crate?

    Also, we’re going to have to get you a real shot glass like grownups use.

  6. wchilds2014 says:

    Absolutely Love It-I want to build one!

  7. Very cool. The ending made me laugh and marvel at what a hipster Chris is. I look forward to the books. Two years ago we moved into my condo and I did a massive purging of book shelves to make room for the rest of my family. My wife now watches me with amazed frustration as I fill them out with Lost Art Press books. I don’t care, she has her shoes and I have my books.

  8. When you get a chance (Ha!), can you share dimensions and details about the box-table? I envision building a version that can hold two (or more) version of the “standard” roorkhee chairs.

  9. Very cool chair. What kind of blade do you carry?

  10. toolnut says:

    When does the building of your version commence? (By the way, an old broken analog clock set to 5:00pm would look right at home on the table next to the bourbon.)

  11. Theron Ball says:

    Perhaps the next book will grant you a belt. Ha! Looks great.

  12. Chris Murphy says:

    Lovely chair, I look forward to seeing the ones you make.

    What’s the source of the tune for the video?

  13. HD video is much appreciated.

  14. lwprecht says:

    I am sure the chair was spendy, but how much did it cost to ship it from the UK and how long did it take?

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