Ready to Ship: Campaign Furniture T-shirts & Tribolts


While we’re a few weeks away from the release date of our “Campaign Furniture” book, we already have the related T-shirts and hardware in stock and ready to ship. Here are the details and links for these items. Both items are available for only a short time.

‘Stop Staring at My Chest’ Shirts
This shirt, like all our shirts, is made in the United States on soft 100-percent cotton. The front features a campaign-style chest of drawers from the 1909 catalog of the Army & Navy Co-Operative Society. The back features the phrase “Stop Staring at My Chest” and the new Lost Art Press logo.

The army green shirt is made by American Apparel shirts in Los Angeles. The shirts (4.3 oz. cotton) are printed by a small family-run firm in Noblesville, Ind. The shirts are $20, plus first-class shipping in the United States.

If you want one of these shirts, we recommend you order now. We usually carry a shirt design for about three months until they are sold out. Then we make a new one. Click here to order.


Tribolts for a Campaign Stool
The only thing difficult about building the camp stool from “Campaign Furniture” is finding an affordable tribolt that allows the legs to fold smoothly. The book offers a hardware-store solution, and it shows you how to make the tribolt pictured here.

6_stool_opener_1000_IMG_7791If, however, you do not have a drill press or a proper tap to make the tribolt, buying one might be the best answer. So we asked woodworker Mike Siemsen (who came up with the idea for the hardware) to make 100 of these tribolts, which we are selling for $12 plus $3 first-class domestic shipping.

These bolts are ready to use with legs that are 1-3/16” in diameter, which is the size we recommend for these stools after testing several to failure. The tribolt is installed easily by drilling a 5/16” hole in each of the legs. Then you screw the three bolts into the center nut. You can lock them in place with thread-locking fluid if you wish, though we have not found it necessary.

The center hexagonal nut is not visible in the finished stool unless you get your face right up in the stool. However, if you do not like the nut, we recommend turning a small wooden finial or cap that can screw into the nut.

Please note: This is not a stock item for us. We have 100 tribolts. Once they are gone, we will not restock. Click here to order.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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  1. amvolk says:

    Is that a standard 1/2″ nut in the center of your tribolt or a special variety?

  2. Ahem, you still owe me t-shirt… just saying. 😉

    but then I still owe you details on the tool roll, so…

  3. Daniel Roy says:

    Does this make Chris a T-shirt pimp or whore? I always thought of Chris as a generally good guy just trying to share on HIS blog. I’m glad that post from the other day set me straight. Honestly, I don’t know why I bother to read the comments.

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