‘Campaign Furniture’ is Almost at Peace

10_strong_trunk_opener_IMG_7799“Campaign Furniture” is now completely designed – all 312+ pages of it – and goes to the indexer tomorrow morning. With any luck, the book will go to the printer during the first week in February and be released the first week of March 2014.

In the coming weeks I’ll post the table of contents of the book, sample pages in pdf format and photographs of all the projects. But until then, here are some details.

Starting with this book, we have decided to eliminate the pre-publication ordering process for all Lost Art Press titles. It seems that no matter what we told customers when they placed a pre-publication order (“Your book will arrive after such-and-such a date”), we were always overwhelmed by people asking: “Hey, where’s my book?”

So here’s what we’re going to do: “Campaign Furniture” will be available for purchase on the day it arrives in our warehouse. All orders placed during the first 30 days after the release date will receive free domestic shipping. Bottom line: We’re still offering free shipping for early adopters. But we’re not going to take your money until the book is in our hands.

Technical Specifications for ‘Campaign Furniture’
Here are specifications for “Campaign Furniture.” The book will be in 6” x 9” format and more than 312 pages long (we still have to add the index). It will be printed on #60 coated paper that has a matte finish – likely the same paper we used for “By Hand & Eye.”

The interior will be in full color. All photos of finished furniture, plus historical paintings and engravings, will be printed in full color. Step-by-step construction photos will be printed using a duotone (think Woodworking Magazine).

The book will be hardbound – casebound and Smythe sewn. No, it will not have a deckle (rough) edge. The book’s endsheets will be either colored or printed; I’m still working that out. We are still shooting for a retail price of $32, but we don’t have all of our printing quotes completed yet.

As to the book’s availability, we will offer it to all of our retailers worldwide. Whether they decide to carry the book is entirely up to them.

And I will be taking a massive nap tomorrow. And answering e-mails. And putting photo equipment away so I can get back to building furniture.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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13 Responses to ‘Campaign Furniture’ is Almost at Peace

  1. tombuhl says:

    I very much liked the duotones in Woodworking Magazine.
    Should be good contrast between the step-by-step duotones and full-color finished shots.
    Enjoy your nap.

  2. I love this trunk/chest! That’s the first piece of campaign furniture I’m making. Sleep tight.

  3. Kim Howarter says:

    Great, I look forward to the book being published! Enjoy your rest and getting back to wood working!

  4. carpenterman says:

    As for the trunk; I am thinking campaign tool-chest 🙂
    Sweet dreams.

  5. I have to say I am a little disappointed that offering pre-sale free shipping hasn’t worked out. On the book that are must purchase (most) I like to do it for 2 reasons; One, it is the first proof Lost Arts Press has that they are headed the right direction. Two, and more important it helps you get back in the black sooner to either start a new project of use the number of pre-sales to plan your direction.

    Just my 2 cents

    • lostartpress says:

      Hey Alan,

      We’re just trying to keep things simple for the customer. Order a book; get a book. Y’all still get free shipping for the same amount of time.

      We’ve always appreciated the pre-publication support from the customers, but after five years of publishing and 11 (almost 12) titles, we have enough money in the bank to make it a non-issue for us.

      Thanks for the note!


  6. John Preber says:

    Actually, the best part was to order the book in advance, then forget about it and next thing you know, surprise!, a book arrives…I really need a life.

  7. jwatriss says:

    Does that apply to the next fancy version of Roubo, too? No more subscriber section? (Aka, ‘your name in print for no reason’…?)

    • lostartpress says:


      We are going to try to work out something for the “subscribers” to the second Roubo edition. I have some ideas, but they are all utterly stupid at this point. So more details to come.

      I hope.

  8. Thanks for the intro to this style Saturday night in Kansas City. Enjoyed the education and the humor.

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