Price Cut on the Audiobook of ‘The Joiner and Cabinet Maker’

JandJ_Audiobook_DVD_500Our audiobook version of “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker” read by Roy Underhill was a grand experiment. (Is there another woodworking audiobook?) We love the result – I’ve listened to it three times now. But we made a mistake in pricing the CD version. It’s too expensive.

So effective immediately we have cut the price by 50 percent (to $13.50) and are offering free domestic shipping on the three-CD set. This price cut is permanent until we run out of the CDs. After that, the audiobook will be available only as a digital download.

We’ve also reduced the price of the digital download to $13.

You can order the CD set here.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Price Cut on the Audiobook of ‘The Joiner and Cabinet Maker’

  1. Is there anything on the CD that is not on the download?

  2. Sold. Roy is a champ.

  3. wb8nbs says:

    Are there drawings in the E-Pub that you don’t get with the CD?

    • lostartpress says:

      I think you’re mixing up two products for “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker.” It’s easy. There are a lot.

      The audiobook is available on CD and as a download. There is also a companion DVD that has slideshows and skp drawings.

      The CDs and the download are the same in every way.

  4. Mr. Robert C. Wynne says:

    Cant seem to find on the site how to download the digital download?

    Mr. Robert C. Wynne Real World Consulting, Inc. 5618 East River Rd. Grand Island, NY 14072 716-299-8470

  5. wb8nbs says:

    Minor quibble:
    The file names in the mp3 download are not in a consistant format between the three discs thereby screwing up the order in your mp3 player.

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