Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Eagle Edition


Woodworker Matt Czegan sent these photos of his recently completed tool chest. Love the eagle – and the extra detailing on the drawers. I’ve always meant to do something with the panel of my chest’s lid, perhaps a veneered panel or even some parquetry a la Roubo.

Nice work Matt!

— Christopher Schwarz


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7 Responses to Anarchist’s Tool Chest – Eagle Edition

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Chris.
    Matt you have created a great chest, from the color to the interior to the eagle, extremely well done.

  2. countercosta1952 says:

    Chris, Thanks for putting up this post. I think builders should post the tool list on the lid as a reminder to limit the “collection fever”.
    Matt, fine build. I’ve been using mine for about three years now with some small modifications.

  3. Ron Westlake says:

    Very nice chest! I love the eagle.

  4. What is the diff between parquetry & marquetry? Thicker wood?

    • Ed Clarke says:

      Parquetry is geometric shapes; marquetry is “natural” shapes with curves. If the eagle were inlaid, it would be marquetry. A star shape would be parquetry. Two words for very similar things made in almost exactly the same way.

  5. Beautiful work! 👍👍

  6. Jim Bell says:

    i would hope Matt would share his flickr account for us all to follow!

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