Contest: Guess the Weight of the Empty Studley Chest


UPDATE: The contest is over. We have a winner. Announcement to come.

One of the factoids we want to include in Don Williams’ forthcoming book “Virtuoso” is the weight of the H.O. Studley tool chest – both loaded and unloaded.

Today we weighed the unloaded chest on an analog scale. Yes, we know it’s not as precise as (add your type of scale here). But it is what we have.

scale_IMG_7961Before we put the chest on the scale, we all took a guess as to the weight. Now it’s your turn.

Guess the weight in pounds of the unloaded tool chest before midnight on Wednesday, Oct. 24, by leaving a comment below. The closest or exact guess will win one Studley T-shirt.

Please note:

1. The chest is fully unloaded of all its tools and drawers. Nothing more could be removed from the chest.

2. If two people guess the same weight, the first person to guess that weight is the winner.

3. No, we’re not answering any more questions about the chest for this contest. Guess, and be done with it.

4. Please guess in whole numbers. Our scale does not read fractions of a pound.

5. Do NOT send me an e-mail with your guess. The only valid entry is in the comments below.

— Christopher Schwarz

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88 Responses to Contest: Guess the Weight of the Empty Studley Chest

  1. martino23 says:

    Is this like the price is right where the closest without going over wins?

    19 pounds

  2. amvolk says:

    The last blog said it was surprisingly lightweight, so I’ll guess 26 lbs.

  3. Brett Denner says:

    42 pounds (isn’t that always the answer)?

  4. cts1085 says:

    My guess is 31 Lbs…

  5. adamallstar says:

    86 lbs is my guess

  6. I guess 16 pounds unloaded

  7. Eric Erb says:


    Eric Erb

    mobile: 240-328-3373

  8. nathanbreidinger says:

    33 lbs

  9. mctoons555 says:

    My guess is 87 lbs.

  10. Vincent says:

    21lbs is my guess

  11. Kevin Baker says:

    52lbs. That’s my guess

  12. Brad D. says:

    38 lbs

  13. daltxguy says:

    72lbs. Is that American pounds or Imperial pounds? 🙂

  14. mazilis says:

    My guess is 49 pounds.

  15. stjones911 says:

    20 pounds. Bloviate. [required verb]

  16. 20 lbs is my guess.

  17. John Coffer says:

    Using my best verb, I posit a weight of 64 pounds.

  18. almartin93 says:

    27 lbs.

  19. rwyoung says:

    With or without Naryian’s thumb on the scale?

  20. carpenterman says:

    1000 pounds.
    Oh, pardon me, I thought you said the chest goes to the highest bidder 🙂

  21. toolnut says:

    55 lbs

  22. Mike Nye says:

    35 lbs is its weight

  23. bobbarnettpe says:

    160 lbs

  24. abullington2013 says:

    32 #

  25. Changing mine to 54 lbs, since someone beat me by mere seconds for 53 lbs. HA

  26. stroyno says:

    22 lbs

  27. Paul Knapp says:

    I’ll throw down a WAG of 21 pounds.

  28. bbrazil69 says:

    I’m gonna go with 23 lbs

  29. Looks to be about 29 pounds.

  30. frpaulas says:

    15 pounds

  31. Well, since I was beat by 1 minute I guess I’ll go with 65 lbs.

  32. 17 pounds is a very good guess.

  33. Jonathan says:

    I will venture a guess that it is 26 pounds.

  34. Lwroten says:

    I guess that it weighs 27 pounds

  35. John Knowles says:

    I’ll guess 54 pounds

  36. I consider the empty chest has a weight of 17 pounds.

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