We Moved the Studley Tool Chest


During the final photo shoot of the Studley tool chest we removed all the tools (no small feat), lifted it off its cleats on the wall (it was surprisingly lightweight) and moved it across the room to photograph the back of the chest.

I have not been this nervous since making out with Kym Harper during “E.T.”

The great migration went smoothly. No hiccups. Don Williams, the author, cleaned the exterior of the case and then Narayan Nayar photographed the back. Me? I ate a scone.

Tomorrow we will reload the chest (no small feat) and take photographs of the chest with Studley’s workbench. And later this week, we are going to film a video about the chest. More details to come.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to We Moved the Studley Tool Chest

  1. Tim Cottle says:

    That top image is a woodworking Geek’s centerfold.

  2. Tim Henriksen says:

    I would fetch you scones all day to be in that room!

  3. Bob Jones says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing this book finished, but i’m nervous that it will make me want to be a tool maker rather than furniture builder…

  4. Is that a round saw set? Very cool.

  5. hughjengine says:

    Actually, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen the front. The only published photos I’ve noticed have the chest doors spread.

  6. nickster01 says:

    Awesome! Did you take a similar shot of everything in the left side of the case? Could you post it please?

  7. Eric Erb says:

    A time-lapse video of it being reloaded would be awesome!!!

    Eric Erb


    mobile: 240-328-3373

  8. My favorite part is when Mr. Abraham uses the force at :45 to help move the cabinet. It appears to be strong in him.

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