Six-board Chest Class, a Slideshow


If you have ever wondered what a woodworking class looks like from start to finish, here’s your chance. During the six-board chest class at The Woodwright’s Shop, student Mattias Jonsson documented a lot of the “action” and created a slideshow of his images.

I hate to be photographed. And I think this slideshow will explain why.

View the photos here.

— Christopher Schwarz


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10 Responses to Six-board Chest Class, a Slideshow

  1. amvolk says:

    Great photos! I don’t see any issues with you in them. The lens didn’t crack or anything!

    One question. What was the blue stain or wash you were using on the chest?


  2. I don’t think you looked bad. Very intense, but not bad.

  3. m46opie says:

    Chris, As you know, woodworking for most of us is a very solitary pursuit. We are real people, doing what we love. So are you. I expect few of us real people like being photographed, but the
    slides I just viewed show brother woodworkers, real people. The immediacy of our modern age, internet, etc, makes the connection to your presentations real to all of us out here who have never met you, and likely never will. I would love to attend a class at Roy’s, or go to WIA, but probably never will. These kinds of presentations though, and kudos to the student who did the photography, bring us all together even in a small way.

    Who knows though. Today’s mail brought a delivery, a month overdue, from Lost Art Press. My wife had ordered a copy of “Make a Joint Stool from A Tree” , for me for my birthday. There was a
    minor foul up, which your offices took care of. When I pointed out that Peter Follansbee is the Jointer at Plimouth Plantation, her reply was, “That’s on our bucket list isn’t it? Maybe you will talk to him someday.” Gotta love that gal.

    Thanks for the joys,

    Mark Singleton
    Santa Maria, Ca

  4. David Webb says:

    As much as I would like to meet all the people involved and socialize. I drooled and fantasized over the lumber. A six board chest for me would be gluing up the front …

    Dave Webb
    Cadiz, KY

  5. Sean Hynes says:

    Surely this wasn’t really Roy’s shop?! Looking through those pictures I saw a flat screen TV, electric coffee pot and a water cooler. I thought modern items were verboten in Roy’s shop!

    On a more serious note though, fantastic photos. Makes me wish I’d done the same during the toolchest class in Melbourne, although I was struggling to keep up the pace, so perhaps it was best I didn’t take many photos.

  6. Close up view looks like the nails are aligned against the grain attempting to split the panels or is there a “Schwarz” optical illusion that I am missing? Looks like these classes are way too much fun, hope to participate at some point!

  7. davekemp1963 says:

    Nice slideshow brings back memories of my dovetail class with Roy earlier this year.

    Amvolk, I am pretty sure that is milk paint Chris is using. If I am not mistaken the colour is Soldier Blue, same as I used on my just finished Dutch Tool Chest.


  8. Just noticed the Stanley SharpTooth saw in your kit, Chris. I can’t afford “nice” panel saws so I’m interested in reading your opinion on this saw. I assume that it can be used with equally good (or, well, bad) effect for both crosscut and ripping operations; otherwise, I would probably see two saws in your till.



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