The No. 6 Reason to Attend Woodworking in America 2013


6. Mike “Peter” Siemsen of the Mike Siemsen School of Woodworking.

One of the great unsung heroes of the hand-tool movement is Mike Siemsen. If Roy Underhill ever decides to retire, Mike gets my vote to be the new Woodwright. Mike’s whip-smart, has the personality of a carnival barker (in a good way), and has the hand skills to back it all up.

If you’ve attended WIA in past years, you’ve probably been assaulted by Mike in the Marketplace as he tried to goad or guilt you into participating. This year, Mike is a speaker and will be presenting a session called “The Thrifty Woodworker.” Mike told me a bit about it when we attended the Handworks show in May. Don’t miss it.

Sign up for Woodworking in America, Oct. 18-20 – or Mike will build a coffin, throw you in it and parade you around the Marketplace.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  1. bloksav says:

    I like the sound of “The thrifty woodworker”.
    Could it be something about reusing materials or practicing to become better using what tools you already have?

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