11 Carcases in 2 Days


This week at The Woodwright’s School, we had a new “first” when it comes to making Anarchist’s Tool Chests.

All 10 students (plus the instructor) had their tool chest carcases assembled by the end of the day Tuesday, the second day of class.

To what do I attribute this success?

Good help.

Thanks to Bill Anderson of Edwards Mountain Woodworks and Megan Fitzpatrick of Popular Woodworking Magazine (not to mention Roy Underhill himself), we’ve been able to keep the students on the straight and narrow. Stopping trouble before it starts. Serving them tea. Rubbing their loins with the balms of forbidden trees. And whelming them – not underwhelming, not overwhelming.

— Christopher Schwarz

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5 Responses to 11 Carcases in 2 Days

  1. Ok, the loin thing? Yuck. But, those are some beeeeutiful carcases there. I am looking forward to next years school schedule, where my upcoming retirement will allow me time to attend some of the wonderful Woodwright classes

  2. tsstahl says:

    Yea, well, the half moon window is dirty!

    No, I’m not jealous at all.

    A Roy class and a visit to the upstairs tool brothel are on my bucket list.

  3. gburbank says:

    had I known your classes involved the rubbing of loins with forbidden balms, I might have signed up by now…

  4. Kat Ferneley says:

    One of these classes is a dream of mine. I’m worried that I wouldn’t have the stamina/strength to keep up, though…

    • fitz says:

      Sure you would! Strength doesn’t really enter in until the carcase glue-up, and that’s a group effort. The rest is mostly dovetails. Lots of dovetails.

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