Lumber Sale in Cincinnati Aug. 16-17. Be There


Midwest Woodworking – my favorite source for lumber – is selling off its stock of more than 300,000 board feet of premium hardwoods and softwoods. Wide mahogany. Clear sugar pine. Teak. Chestnut. Red gum. A near-endless cache of veneer.

Most of this lumber is more than 30 years old and has been stored flat in the Midwest warehouse. It is – without exception – the most stable stuff you will ever work.

And the prices are well below what you will pay elsewhere (if you could even find wood of this quality). The price list can be found here on Andy Brownell’s blog.

The sale is 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 16-17 at Midwest Woodworking, 4019 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. Here’s a Google map.

I will be emptying my savings account for this sale. I am not a wood hoarder – never have been – but once this stuff is gone, it is gone for good.

If you haven’t heard of Midwest, you can read all about it in the following posts. If these stories don’t inflame your wood/equipment/shop lust, you are probably ready for a hobby in miniature golf.

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Bring a truck and your checkbook (or a wad of cash). Midwest doesn’t take credit/debit cards.

— Christopher Schwarz


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7 Responses to Lumber Sale in Cincinnati Aug. 16-17. Be There

  1. Wergeld says:

    Price list was pulled or never tendered on Andy’s blog.


  2. psanow says:

    Visualizing hordes of woodworkers descending on that place. It’s sad but you could see the writing on the wall for sure. With the amount of publicity this is getting I sure hope they get some help lined up to manage the sale days. It could be a bit crazy in there.


  3. Bob Gammage says:

    I too visualize hordes (hundreds, if not thousands) waiting for the doors to open that Friday morning. That could severely impact the fruitfulness of a long trip, from say, Orlando.


    • Bob and PSANOW,
      No worries, there will be a number of folks there to help you out, including me on both days. Everyone will have a chance to hunt around for the lumber you want. Getting checked out for pricing and payment goes fast. I’ll be happy to see a few hundred over a few days, thousands is ambitious, and highly unlikely. If people are making a big road-trip, then you’ll get priority at check out.


      • jschroederww says:


        I am excited about the opportunity to finally make it to Midwest.

        This may seem like a silly question, given all the wide stock you and Christopher have shown in your previous posts, but do you know if they have QS white oak in wide widths (> 12″)?



        • lostartpress says:

          Very very very unlikely.

          QS boards in 12″ widths are rare period. On my visits to Frank Miller Lumber in Union City – the biggest supplier of QS oak – I can recall seeing one or two boards that wide. The sawing process makes it difficult to get wide widths.


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