The Joiner & Cabinet Maker & Floater


The recent flood in Deggendorf, Germany, was rough on the woodworking workshop of Dictum GmbH. Though the employees got the machinery out, the flood buckled the floors and split the workbenches.

The flood also tried to ruin a copy of “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker.”

To my relief, the book survived fairly well. Only one or two pages came loose. Thanks go out to Phil Nanzetta at Signature Book Printing for making sure our books are well-bound.

— Christopher Schwarz


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3 Responses to The Joiner & Cabinet Maker & Floater

  1. Glad to know that these books are somewhat water resistant (in case I take one of them out in my boat.) I just added to my Lost Art Press book collection: I bought “The Essential Woodworker” by Robert Wearing at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks last weekend.

  2. tsstahl says:

    Poor Thomas never gets the respect…

  3. Aren’t all your books already pre-tested for water resistance due to the rains on every delivery day?

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