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HandWorks - Amana Iowa - May 24-25, 2013

HandWorks – Amana, Iowa
May 24-25, 2013

Several weeks ago I made the long journey to Iowa for the HandWorks tool event being held at the Amana Colonies. Because many woodworkers were unable to attend the event, I have assembled a gallery of photographs to help document everything that transpired. I’d like to thank Jameel Abraham and his entire family for putting together one of the best woodworking shows I have ever attended.

You may view the gallery here.

I would suggest asking any questions about the content of the photos here in the Lost Art Press comments section. Since many of the show presenters are also readers of this blog, you may actually get an answer. The presenters are welcome to make free use of these photos at their discretion.

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14 Responses to HandWorks Photos

  1. Bob Jones says:

    The link to the gallery isn’t working (on my iphone). Maybe just me?

    • Jeff Burks says:

      Clicking that link with a smart phone should bring you to:

    • steveschafer says:

      It crashed Safari on my iPad the first time I tried, but I eventually got in. However, there are a lot of images and it’s really slow. It may be that the thumbnails are too big.


      • Jeff Burks says:

        I’m sorry that people are having difficulty viewing the site. To be honest, this gallery was not intended for mobile devices. There are 820 jpegs that would require in excess of 220MB bandwidth to view. Your best bet would be to wait until you can access the site from a desktop or notebook computer with a good broadband connection.

  2. Woodmolds says:

    Thanks for posting these. The link worked great for me!

  3. Thank you so much for posting these pictures Jeff! It really was an amazing show and your photography catches that perfectly. I am, of course, partial to all the pictures that feature my planes. lol

  4. tombuhl says:

    Jeff, this is an excellent collection of images. Good times, good people. Thanks.

  5. m46opie says:

    Someday perhaps I will be in a position to attend an event like this. Wow! I bet that for every one person there, there were/are ten more like me that wish they could have been.

    Mark Singleton
    Santa Maria, Ca

  6. Jeff Burks says:

    The full set of 820 photos from this gallery may be downloaded in a zip archive here:

  7. pkorman1 says:

    Wow! is that a Prototype of a new Lee Valley chute board plane. I think i’m in love! when will it be available?

  8. Looks like a WIA Marketplace in the heart of America. Hopefully the show was economically successful for the vendors so more events like this can take place across the country.

  9. abtuser says:

    There’s a little coffee shop about a half block away from the show entrance. It was great to go over there during personal breaks and talk with everyone. It was fun to hear where everyone had come from, and what they were working on or interested in. Great crowd, great vendors, great show. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  10. shopsweeper says:


    Was that you wandering around with the camera (black shirt day one)? If so I am sorry I did not meet you. We all enjoy your work so much here.

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