‘By Hand & Eye’ Now Shipping

BHAE_cover_IMG_6202“By Hand & Eye” by George R. Walker and Jim Tolpin is now available for immediate shipment from Lost Art Press. Our retailers – Lee Valley Tools, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Tools for Working Wood – have received their shipments and will have the book in their stores shortly.

If you wish to order the book from our store, click here. It is $34 plus shipping.

This is our most ambitious book to date, especially in the manufacturing. This book is full color and printed on a heavy #80-pound matte stock that is very white and took the ink beautifully. As with all our books, “By Hand & Eye” is Smythe sewn, casebound and produced entirely in the United States.

Here are some details on the other editions of “By Hand & Eye.”

Leather-bound books. I am taking 26 blocks to Ohio Book tomorrow for them to bind them in leather. We will use the brown leather with an aged finish, like we did with “Mouldings in Practice.” When those are finished – I hope in six weeks – we will put them in the store. They will be $185 – domestic shipping is included.

Electronic editions. Because of the complex layouts in “By Hand & Eye,” we will not be able to offer it in ePub or Kindle formats. We simply are not happy with the way the book looks in these formats. So we will instead offer it in pdf format, which will work on both iPad and Kindles. I should have that available in the store within a week.

One last thing: We are still building a webpage that we discuss in the book and are having some trouble with the url. Until I get that sorted out, you can download the animations referred to in the book (with complete instructions) using the link below.

~By Hand & Eye Animations

The file is zipped. Simply double-click it to decompress the file. Inside the folder you will find instructions (read them, please!). The animations will work with every browser we have tried.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed editing and working on it with George, Jim and the main editor, Megan Fitzpatrick.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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10 Responses to ‘By Hand & Eye’ Now Shipping

  1. Greg Merritt says:

    My mail carrier is starting to think I’m stalking them since I received the shipping confirmation. Can’t wait to devour this book. Thank you so much for taking on this project.


  2. markdorman says:

    Have to laugh at my luck on this book. I prepaid thinking I would be one of the first to get a copy. Then I go to Handworks at Amana and George is there selling and autographing his book and I’m still waiting for mine to come in the mail. I’m glad he had them there and they were selling fast. I also got to visit with him a bit and that was cool.


  3. lostartreader says:

    PDF files can be read on android devices, too! No one’s left out!


  4. lostartreader says:

    Just opened the animations…..These are SO COOL!
    How were these made? (If not out of the scope of this blog, a trade secret, etc.)


  5. Barak Bruerd says:

    Have you ever consider using iBooks Author to create your books vs kindle or epub? It allows for full control of layout in both portrait and landscape views. It would also give you some media rich options should you want to insert interactive graphics or video. I’ve often thought that the books you sell on your website would benefit from that format.

    The downside is you’re stuck selling them in the Apple ecosystem. However, once you create the layouts in iAuthor you can export them to PDF. So you could still offer a PDF format with no extra effort.


  6. fredgnc says:

    Love the animations. 3.2.44 is mislabeled, a right angle not a 45 is what’s constructed.


  7. jprid says:

    waiting for the digital version…………


  8. Paul Schulte says:

    Picked up my copy at Handworks this past Saturday. Made it worth going out in the cold! I’m about 20 pages in and am already impressed.


  9. tap10562 says:

    I read the description many times and ordered the book but was still astonished to discover that it was in color when I received it. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but boy does it make a difference. Thanks!


  10. This book looks great. I have other books from both Jim and George’s and reach for them often as a reference when starting projects. I am also amazed that we have color and there’s downloadable example animations. I can’t wait to see them.


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