At Handworks: Studley Calipers & T-shirts


We’re starting to pack up for the Handworks event in Amana, Iowa, this weekend. If you are attending, here are some of the things we’re bringing to sell at the event (in addition to a selection of our books).

1. H.O. Studley T-shirts. The screen printing is complete (whew) and they look great. They are a light grey, 100-percent-cotton American Apparel shirt – made in the USA, of course. The front features a stylized image of the engraved nameplate that Studley attached to his tool chest. The back features the title of the forthcoming book from Don Williams.


We will bring sizes medium to XXL. Price: $20. We will offer these for sale in our online store after we return home from Handworks.

2. H.O. Studley Register Calipers. Inspired by the calipers in the Studley chest, these are machined from brass. Studley’s were steel with some sort of plating. We had 50 of these made for us. Price $45. These will be one to a customer and will be offered first-come, first-serve starting when the show opens on Friday.

We’ve had many readers urge us to make more and sell them in our store, but I’m afraid that is not going to happen. We have no desire to get into the tool-making business. This is a special one-time event. We hope that another toolmaker will produce this tool for sale to the general public.

We take Visa, MasterCard and cash.

Hope to see you there. Our livers are trembling in fear.

— Christopher Schwarz

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14 Responses to At Handworks: Studley Calipers & T-shirts

  1. Eric Breuer says:

    Is there any way to give you a credit card over email or phone to get a caliper and T- shirt before the event? My guess is they will be gone by the end of the event and I would love one of each.

    Eric Breuer 614-787-3801

  2. tsstahl says:

    How about selling half the tools on Friday and the other half on Saturday?

    I think any way you go, somebody will let you know how unhappy they are. 😉

  3. jborgschulte says:

    I like this guy’s policy on making exceptions:

  4. bjack130 says:

    Would the upcoming Studley book have measured diagrams / sketches of the calipers? Just in case anyone has a mind to make his / her own?

    • lostartpress says:

      I doubt it. It is not a book on making tools. It will be about the chest, the maker and a description of the tools.

      These tools can be found on the used market with some patience.

      • bjack130 says:

        Sorry, no patience … so, took a ruler to the pic. All I need is scaling. 50%? 100% Somewhere in between? Also,.if the caliper is still under active patent (can’t imagine that since last I checked patents go for 17 years with one renewal the calipers are 19th C and we’re already in the 21st C), do let me know that so I don’t run into any issues. Same for copyright (50 years, no renewal) or trademark. Thanks.

  5. The calipers and shirts look great. Would you ship to Ireland? I just moved here and its a long drive to Iowa.

  6. Eric Erb says:

    Oh my god I need those calipers!

    Eric Erb

    mobile: 240-328-3373

  7. Hello

    Christopher, is there a chance that you transmit this event live on internet, that is live streaming?


  8. rodtermaat says:

    I think the event opens at 10 AM on Friday. I am expecting no sales until that time. Of course I plan to be in line by say 8:30 once I pack up my tent. Driving up tomorrow. I have space for 1 more in the camping spot if someone needs a place to crash. email me at You are on your own for the tent, but I have a space near by at a state park.

  9. abtuser says:

    My credit card is sharpened and ready to use.

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