Free Shipping Ends May 21 for ‘By Hand & Eye’

BHandE_cover_stamp“By Hand & Eye” will ship from our printer on Tuesday, May 21. So if you would like to order the book with free domestic shipping, you should place your order before midnight Tuesday. After Tuesday, domestic shipping will be $7.

“By Hand & Eye” by George R. Walker and Jim Tolpin is $34 and can be ordered here.

We never discount our books, nor do our retailers. So this is the only special offer we will make on this title.

The book will be carried by Lee Valley Tools, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks and Tools for Working Wood. If other retailers agree to carry to title, we will announce it here.

As I mentioned earlier, we will offer 26 copies of “By Hand & Eye” bound in leather for $185 each. We will have details on those copies in June. We also will offer the book in ePub and Kindle format.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Free Shipping Ends May 21 for ‘By Hand & Eye’

  1. Mike Davis says:

    If we already ordered, when will our CC be charged?

  2. Martin Shaw says:

    Will your “Slarty Bartfarst” be on the inside? ( “John Hancock” is so overused)

  3. Martin Shaw says:

    Duh you didn’t write it Guess not

  4. What typeface is used on the cover? I’m assuming it’s the same that appears in With the Grain?

  5. tpier says:

    The 21st is a Tuesday, just sayin’. Regardless I am glad it will soon be out in the wild.

  6. fredgnc says:

    The web site still says free shipping until the 30th.

    • lostartpress says:

      The 30th was our original ship date. The book was completed faster than we expected. We offer free shipping until the book arrives in-house.

      I’ll change the site now.

  7. adamweigand says:

    DOH! I added a reminder to my calendar to order before the 30th. I should have checked back.

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