That’s a New Place for a Tool Rack


From the 1907 Tiersot & Cie. tool catalog. While the French workbench is known for its typical tool rack on the back of the benchtop, this is the first time I’ve seen it under the benchtop. The catalog features a lot of very interesting tools and worth downloading from Jeff Burks’ web site here. Warning: I’ve been poring over it for the last two days.

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15 Responses to That’s a New Place for a Tool Rack

  1. David Hoffman says:

    I thought the section on scroll saws wasn’t going to end!!!

  2. David Cassidy says:

    I think u should bring Jeff on full time! Great stuff.

  3. Denver George says:

    Jeff, you should be banned! Your stuff is more addictive than crack cocaine.

  4. Rick Stillmaker says:

    what is on top of page 114?

    • Jimbo says:

      Looks to me like a way to may a continuous loop for the belt or cord that drives the pulleys. Unhook when you need to change pulleys.

    • Jeff Burks says:

      It’s a hook for connecting the ends of the leather cords they sold for use on a treadle lathe.

  5. Any hints on finding the main entrance to the site would be appreciated…

    • Jeff Burks says:

      There is no index on that file server because it is not a website. It’s just the computer I use to host files online.

  6. Any hints to finding the index for his site would be appreciated…

  7. abtuser says:

    It’s like the French, they have a different word for everything…

  8. tsstahl says:


    Looks kinda like a clockmakers bench I saw once. Smallish bench with four drawers at the bottom and some tools hanging as above. I’m building a small Roubo based on the memory of it. 🙂

  9. planecrazzy says:

    Is that the newish Benchcrafted leg vise upgrade on page 86?

  10. I could actually be talked into a tool rack in that location, if it were done thoughtfully.

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