‘With the Grain’ Ships; Showers Blanket the Midwest


Thanks to a 60 percent chance of rain today, we received our shipment of Christian Becksvoort’s “With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood.

John Hoffman and family are boxing up the books now and the parcels will enter the mail stream immediately.

“With the Grain” will be carried by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks (plus a DVD hosted by Becksvoort), Lee Valley Tools and Tools for Working Wood.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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24 Responses to ‘With the Grain’ Ships; Showers Blanket the Midwest

  1. Mikey says:

    I can’t wait! I hope it gets here before my wife goes into labor! Nothing says bedtime story like a book about wood. Yes! I am really dorking excited about this book.


  2. Steve Steinbeck says:

    Chris, will this book, like some of the other Lost Art Press publications, be available at Ed Lebetkin’s Tool Shop above the Woodwright School? If so, do you have a delivery date? BTW, spent part of today working on the wood layout tools you shared this weekend.


  3. Julien Hardy says:

    That’ll be a great usefull way to wait for Roubo. To wait for Roubo… That sounds familiar…


    • “Waiting for Roubo”, isn’t that a play by Beckett? Kinda long if I remember correctly.


    • Scene opens on two scruffy, bedraggled men, EstraSchwarz and UnderMir, leaning against the legs of a massive, French oak bench in a ditch…


      UnderMir: There’s man all over for you, blaming on his planes the faults of his hands.

      UnderMir: What do they say?
      EstraSchwarz: They blog about their woodworking!
      UnderMir: To have planed is not enough for them.
      EstraSchwarz: They have to write about it.

      “We wait. We have bored. (He throws up his hand.) No, don’t protest, we have bored into this bench, there’s no denying it. Good. A diversion comes along and what do we do? We saw on the waste side. Come, let’s get to work! (He advances towards the bench to make another hole, stops in his stride.) In an instant all will vanish and we’ll be alone more, in the midst of nothingness!”

      EstraSchwarz: Suppose we repented.
      UnderMir: Repented what?
      EstraSchwarz: Oh…(He reflects.) We wouldn’t have to go into the details.
      UnderMir: Our use of power tools?

      UnderMir: Let’s go.
      EstraSchwarz: We can’t.
      UnderMir: Why not?
      EstraSchwarz: We’re waiting for Roubo!

      (You think Jameel could make something like this happen at the Roubo Build in July?)


  4. Sawdust maker says:

    Yay, I need this book!


  5. Jim says:

    Waiting patiently, planning to use this to collaborate with Science teachers and my Construction students. When will DVD be available?


  6. Adam W. says:

    I can’t wait for mine to be delivered.either!


  7. Did I miss something? Lie-Nielsen has a special DVD with Mr. B to go with the book? Will that be available to all at some point? Anything by the Dalai Lama of Dovetails is a plus in my book. Details, please.


  8. Sam I Am says:

    The arrival and subsequent shipping of the new book brings me to a question I’ve been meaning to ask, especially as we get closer to the release of By Hand By Eye, Is there another way to actually order books from LAP? I don’t have a credit card… nor do I ever plan on having one.



  9. Joop says:

    Is the book coming to Europe??


  10. Bob Davidson says:

    I’m waiting impatiently by my mailbox for my copy. Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Are we there yet?


  11. Sam I Am says:

    Thanks Chris,
    I’ll drop John a note.


  12. Tim Henriksen says:

    Opened my copy today (nice living next to “the Warehouse”). As expected, the book looks great! Can’t wait to delve into the text once I leave this smelly animal hospital.


  13. jonathanszczepanski says:

    I arrived in the mail today. This book looks fantastic! Two kudos and one questions:
    1. Every time I see the cover, (nerd alert!) TI think I am opening an ancient tome from Gondor (http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Gondor)
    2. My 7 year-old daughter saw the book and said, “I like these woodworking books without the jackets, they look very interesting.”
    3. Why didn’t you use any color photos in this book. While I think that black and white looks great, I would have thought that some color photos would have been useful in the identification section.

    Good work, one and all. It looks like another classic book put out by LAP.


  14. Jack Palmer says:

    The photos were taken in black and white? Really? Why? As a photography major in college in the late 60’s early 70’s we used only black and White film, and I still do today. but with digital why would anyone shoot identification photos in Black and White? As a furniture maker the first thing that I look at is the color of the wood This is one book that would have benefited greatly from color. It would have been worth any increase in price.


  15. Jason says:

    Beautiful book, it’s going in my bookcase where I keep my prized tomes. Love the black and white photos, it’s in keeping with the old school vibe of the thing.


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