Reminder on Free Shipping & Changes to the Blog

WTG_coverWednesday, Feb. 20, is the last day you will be able to order Christian Becksvoort’s “With the Grain: A Craftsman’s Guide to Understanding Wood” with free domestic shipping. After Wednesday, shipping will be $7.

The book will be in our “warehouse” soon and shipped out before the end of the month.

We are currently working on creating both iPad- and Kindle-friendly versions of “With the Grain,” which we will sell through our site and will be DRM-free, as always. That process usually takes four to six weeks, so stay tuned.

Additions to the Blog
Look at the right-hand rail of the blog, and you’ll notice some additions there you might find helpful (or you might ignore).

1. We’ve reorganized the categories and now show how many blog posts are in each category, that number is in (parentheses).

2. A section called “Upcoming Events.” This shows where I’m teaching in the coming months, plus woodworking shows where Lost Art Press will have a booth. Even if you never leave your cave, this can be useful to you. When you send me an e-mail and you wonder why I’m not replying, and then you send me 10 more frantic crazy-sounding follow-ups, you might check the calendar and say: “Oh, he’s overseas.”

3. A section called “Current.” This is more for fun, especially if you like books, music or beer. I’ll be updating this section to let you know what book I’m currently editing or writing. Plus, it will list the books I’m reading – it will usually be a woodworking book. (Right now, however, I’m reading mindless zombie fiction, “World War Z,” which is the only known antidote for editing 18th-century French translations.) Plus, you can find what I’m listening to, building and drinking (though not all at the same time).

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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11 Responses to Reminder on Free Shipping & Changes to the Blog

  1. M C Swenson says:

    It would be nice if your “up coming events” would list the location of the event.

  2. Jeff Burks says:

    I am eagerly awaiting your translation of A.J. Roubo’s chapter on zombies.

    • frossm says:

      I love it. L’Art du Menuisier and zombies. Our hero takes time out from writing to slay evil in all it’s incarnations be it poor joinery technique or the reanimated dead forever yearning for the taste of human flesh…..

      • John Cashman says:

        This sounds like “Abraham Linoln :Vampire Hunter,” or “FDR: American Bada$$.” Hey, if you can sell those ideas, you can sell anything.

  3. luce32 says:

    I like Ale, and listen to Spanish Guitar music – usually very loud. I’m not very good at hand tool woodworking but I AM going to get much better. I’d like to take a basic class from you because I must be developing bad habits. I’ve watched all of your DVDs.

  4. John Ramsey says:

    I agree with M C Swenson, and would add links to the various event pages! These are cool changes. Thanks!

  5. Rick says:

    I want direct links to the beer!

  6. Bartee says:

    Strongly suggest you put the “upcoming events” at the top of the column. Too far to roll down and most people will never see it.

  7. abtuser says:

    Nice, very helpful.

  8. Graham Burbank says:

    I won’t spoil it by telling you who gets ‘et….kinda changes the meaning of finger likkin’ good.

  9. Thomas Mohr says:

    Who says “World War Z” is mindless?…picked it off the floor of my English Literature major daughter’s room and thought it was a great read…”Zombies forever!”….O.k., maybe just an adequate interlude until “With the Grain” shows up….

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