Tool Chest SOLD



Note: The chest is sold and I have a waiting list of six people if that deal falls through. Thanks everyone!

I have a new tool chest I’d like to sell – if you are in driving distance of Fort Mitchell, Ky., and would like to come get it, let me know at

It is a full-size chest I just completed for a DVD shoot with Popular Woodworking Magazine. It’s 25” tall (including the casters), 39-3/4” long and 26” deep. It has three sliding tills. This chest is made from birch plywood and poplar and is screwed together, but everything is plugged and painted to look like a traditional tool chest. It is totally solid and fully functional.

The hardware is all home-center stuff that I stripped the zinc off of. The lid is hinged with three steel butts. The lifts are steel utility-grade items. The casters are cast metal – the same ones I have on my regular chest. The chest is painted black with General’s “Milk Paint.”

I’m looking to recoup only the cost of materials. Price $200.

I do not wish to pack and ship this chest – hence the cash and carry. The first person to say “I want it and will come get it” gets it.

— Christopher Schwarz

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16 Responses to Tool Chest SOLD

  1. debora says:

    A shame I live in Europe or this would be a no brainer! Good luck with it to the person living closer 😀

  2. Mike D. says:

    What section of the store do you find those casters?

  3. Sue J says:

    Looks good – I live in England so can’t collect either but feels much better to know that I wouldn’t have been quick enough anyway -so thanks debora for easing the pain!! – thanks too Chris for making my atc build decision a tricky one (that book changed my life…in a good way) Original Dutch Quickie? Mmm

  4. Mike Chandler says:

    When would I need to come get it? 🙂

  5. billlattpa says:

    Very nice and a good deal at that. If you’re travelling to Philly see if they’ll let you put it in one of the overhead storage compartments. I’ll even pick you up at the airport and drop you off where you are going. Hell, I’ll even buy you a Pat’s cheesesteak. After that you’d be on your own, I’m sorry but I’m a pretty busy guy.
    All kidding aside, nice offer.

  6. Russ says:

    Nothing witty… but

    I think was an incredibly nice thing to offer!
    My son would love to have it, but since we live way to far, we’ll just have to buy the book and make one together. Which of course is also part of your general objectives.

  7. Brian Jackson says:

    I want it and i will come get it.

  8. bobjones2000 says:

    Sometimes I wonder if you really understand how the whole “profit” thing works. Someone got a great deal. 🙂

    • Patrick says:

      I agree. Very generous. That said, dibs on the home center version of the “Traveling Dutchman” (if there ever is one.) 🙂

  9. Kevin Wilkinson says:

    I could make that fit on the back of my Honda PC800 motorcycle.

  10. David Gendron says:

    Great del on a great chest!! I wish I was in your neighbor hood…

  11. Jbello says:

    When will the DVD be out ?

  12. Martin Shaw says:

    Is that the Veritas jack rabbet plane on the bench? If so, how do you like it ?

  13. GaryH says:

    Hey Chris, for those of us thinking of making one of these, can you list the material costs out? If’ it’s all borg material, I’m kinda surprised it cost $200 for materials. Education please.

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