Special Sale on Lost Art Press Hats


The company that embroiders our hats made a mistake this week and delivered the wrong type of hat.

Rather than let those go to waste (quite literally), we purchased them at a significant discount and are passing that on to you – these hats are $10 plus $3 shipping. That’s a savings of $7 compared to our regular hat.

What’s different? The details. These are still U.S.-made hats made by the same company (Bayside) and in the same color. The embroidery is the same. These less-expensive hats are adjusted with a Velcro strap instead of a steel keeper. And these less-expensive hats lack the white piping on the brim.

We have 80 of them in stock. When they are gone they are gone.

Click here to see the item in our store.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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15 Responses to Special Sale on Lost Art Press Hats

  1. lashomb says:

    Shipping in cart is showing 10 bucks for me.

  2. JJ says:

    same here, let’s hope they don’t sell out before this gets fixed and me coming back later today

  3. neilcronk says:

    Any chance of paying for one and having you bring it to Perth Ont. with you?!

  4. Kevin Wilkinson says:

    Will you guys ever sell a real workmans cap? Baseball caps are dangerous to my mental health. I tend to walk around with my head down and will walk right into anything within reach if I’m wearing a ball cap. I wear Kangol style caps, forwards not back.

  5. Genebaldwin says:

    Are they gone in one full swoop? I contacted as the blog just came out. Oh well

  6. sawdustmaker says:

    If I wore baseball hats I would surely buy one or two, but, alas, I have not worn a baseball hat since 1964 **Sigh**

  7. Michael Rogen says:

    Is $13.00 shipping right for two hats and the Beckvoort book?


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