New CDs: Roy Underhill Reads ‘The Joiner & Cabinet Maker’

J&C_audio_coverWe have just received stock on the CD version of “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker” read by Roy Underhill on three CDs.

The three-CD set is $27, is made in the USA (like all Lost Art Press products) and comes in a protective clamshell case. We are offering free domestic shipping on this item until Feb. 15, 2013. As mentioned above, the item is in stock and ships immediately.

Click here to see the item in our store.

“The Joiner & Cabinet Maker” is the almost-lost 1839 text that tells the fictional story of young Thomas West’s apprenticeship in a rural English workshop. Since we republished an expanded version of the book a few years ago, its pages have opened up the world of hand-tool woodworking for thousands of people.

The book’s anonymous author detailed the day-to-day workings of a hand-tool workshop in the early days of the 19th century as a way to guide children who were thinking about entering the woodworking trade.

The book begins with instructions on how to sweep the shop, tend the shop’s fire and help the other journeymen. It ends with the hero, Thomas, building a full-blown chest of drawers as a journeyman.

The original text is extremely rare and was unearthed by Joel Moskowitz, the owner of Tools for Working Wood. He brought it to the attention of Lost Art Press, and that partnership resulted in the publication of print version of “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker.”

The Lost Art Press version of this book includes the original 1839 text, a historical commentary on the trade by Moskowitz and a detailed explanation of how to build the three projects featured in “The Joiner and Cabinet Maker.”

The audiobook version of the book consists of the original text only, read by Roy Underhill. Lost Art Press was particularly pleased to get Roy to read the book for us. Not only is he a student of early trades, but Roy is also a long-time thespian, and he brought his many voice talents to the project.

As a result, the 215-minute audiobook version of “The Joiner & Cabinet Maker” is a joy to listen to once you become accustomed to the early 19th-century way of explaining things.

We also offer this audiobook as an mp3 download for $22 here.

You can order the book here for $29, or the book with an accessory data DVD here for $34.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to New CDs: Roy Underhill Reads ‘The Joiner & Cabinet Maker’

  1. Derek Cohen says:

    I listened to the audio book over a couple of recent transatlantic flights (nice to close ones eyes and tune out). I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. Roy does a terrific job. Highly recommended!

    Regards from Perth


    • lostartpress says:


      It seems you were in the States and didn’t let us know. Shame!


      • Derek Cohen says:

        Hi Chris

        I would have loved to have caught up. I did spend an afternoon with Joel at TFWW, and had a wonderful evening at his home later. Also had lunch with Wilbur Pan in New Jersey. Then 10 days with Rob Lee in Ottawa, part of the time in the LV factories and partly embarrassing myself in the snow of Tremblant 🙂

        Now I hear that you will be in Melbourne in a few months. Any time to make it to Perth for a day or two?


  2. Joe says:

    Any chance of getting a short MP3 sample to try out?

  3. vrema01 says:

    Just completed the book via MP3 version and it is well done.

  4. bobjones2000 says:

    The original text is great. There are several quotes in there about the value and dignity of hard work that I keep around as reminders. Thanks for brining it back!

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